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Yes you can. Create a New Zwinky.. Fill out your same information and on the share your comments write your account problem. Here is a little guide that will show you step by step so even the dumbest computer user can do quickly.

  1. Create A New Zwinky Username.
  2. Use a new e-mail address if available.
  3. Pick your secret question and answer.
  4. On your share comments form state your hack problem.
  5. Provide your same Date of Birth as your previous registration.
  6. Provide your same zip code as previous registration.
  7. Create your new account and check for email notifications.

Please note if you dont have the same information you had to your previous account chances are you will not get it back and you should just think about registering a new one and starting from scratch. Dont be a quiter you did it once you can do it agian!!

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* First make a new zwinky * Second go to "report abuse" * Third go to the bottom were it says "if this is a real report press info"

* Fourth click it

* Fifth type in "hacked" where it says what's the problem * Below that it will say "write comment". You will write this down: "Sorry to bother you but I just got hacked can you please send me a new password for this username [enter your username here] my email is [type in email address].

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Q: What do you do if your zwinky got hacked?
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You got a zwinky room and new stuff they wont get in your roomwhy?

it got hacked

How can i get back my zwinky account if i forgot which city i was born?

Funny thing to forget, ask your parents? i just got hacked on zwinky with zcard :@

How do you get your zwinky back if it got hacked and changed your password when you were signed out?

you cant get it back im afraid :(

I got hacked on zwinky Have any of you seen babyangel00000000019 around zwinky?

I havent but if i do i will email you and ill try and persuade her to give me the password and ill give it to you.

Ok my zwinky just got hacked what do i do?

okay so is u get hacked email me ur pass and user at and i will do my magic and tell me ur secret question ansere That's a hacker my darling, do not do that ^

How do you get a hacked zwinky back?

it depends on what part got hacked. if someone changed your password, then you have to go to 'i forgot my password' and it will be sent to your e-mail. i dont know where the 'i forgot my password' thingy is, but im trying to find out

What to do when someone hacks you on zwinky?

Report it,there is no reason for anyone's account to get hacked.

How do you become a zwinky ZSI?

Creators r working on it~:( im hacked

Someone hacked you on how can you get your password back?

how do i get my password back on zwinky

How 2 get zwinky account back?

You go to zwinkys homepage and tell them you deleted your account or it got hacked, (include username, email, secret answer to the secret question)

How do you get hacked zwinky back?

e-mail ur pass and username to zwinky e-mail :P idk their e mail

Getting a hacked zwinky back?

Cannot by yourself unless you know hack codes yourself. I suggest that you complain to Zwinky themselves on the bottom on the Zwinky page under Feedback. =D