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A Tamagotchi is just like a pet, it can be fed and played wth. You can connect it to other tamagotchis and they can fall in love. If they do you can start a generation of tamagotchis!! They go to primary school, junior school and can even get a job!!


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you get a tamagotchi from a store.

The Tamagotchi V3 is the oldest version of Tamagotchi. You need the V5 version of Tamagotchi.

a female tamagotchi marries with a male tamagotchi and the female tamagotchi will have a large belly . and if the female tamagotchi cant hold more longer than it will give birth.

You actually can't. But I do know that if you have a v3, you can get in without a tamagotchi.

It depends on the tamagotchi

It depends on how you care for the Tamagotchi.

its the first tamagotchi

It will turn into any tamagotchi depending on the way that you raise it

You go on to tamatown and type in your username that you have on your tamagotchi

dont try this/// mess around with the tamagotchi battery while it is still in the tamagotchi

esclamasson point means that tamagotchi needs attention scull tamagotchi is not feeling well

Tamagotchi points are like money but in tamagotchi form when you log out of tamatown the money you've earned is given to your tamagotchi which can be spent at the "shop" icon in your tamagotchi toy :pHOPED I HELPED?!?!?!:

Yes, if you have a tamagotchi PC pack.

Tamagotchi training is that you potty train them.

It can't unless you have a music tamagotchi

Basically the genrations on a Tamagotchi shows how many children your Tamagotchi have before it passes away, as in, Abba has a child called Babba and Babba has a child called Cat. Cat is the third generation of that Tamagotchi. But if your Tamagotchi passes away, the new Tamagotchi is the first generation. The generations of a Tamagotchi can show a rough guide to how well you care for it. The higher the number, the more children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on the orignal Tamagotchi has, and the better you care for your Tamagotchi.

Well you can't, your character in tamatown is the character you have in your toy. You have to get a tamagotchi toy first then use your tamagotchi to log into Tamagotchi Town. ~By Titusaki~

If by console you mean another tamagotchi toy this is how you can get it married... Once your tamagotchi is old enough and hasn't fallen in love with a friend/other tamagotchi, a matchmaker will show up and match your tamagotchi with another tamagotchi. It will then ask whether you want them to marry or not. Click yes and your tamagotchi will be married and will have an egg for your next generation.

tamagotchi v4 can connect v4 and v4.5 tamagotchi v5 can connect v5 and v4.5 and tamagotchi v5 can NOT connect v6 sorry but with v4.5 u can do a lot of stuff! and theres your answer!

you get tamagotchi music city at target. target always have tamagotchi for sure. Ross once had some tamagotchi but don't count on it. target is the one to get tamagotchi since there is so many style, especially at Burbank.

Tamagotchi is part of the Simulation Games you can play here. PlayEmulator has many online retro games available including related games like Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop, Tamagotchi 64, and 64 De Hakken Tamagotchi Minna De Tamagotchi World.

your tamagotchi will grow within 24 hr

A tamagotchi can marry a friend.

there r no Chips in Tamagotchi 4.5 ....

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