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What do you do when a 10-year-old child cries over everything?



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Ignore them. Learn when they are 'acting' and just trying to get attention and when they are really hurt. It also helps to pay attention to them when they are not crying. If the only time you interact with them is when they cry, they are going to keep doing it. While the above can be certainly true it depends on the environment of the child. If there is constant arguing in the family, drug or alcohol abuse, a wayward teen as a sibling and this is creating problems in the household or just the parents constantly arguing can be reasons for a child of this age to become frustrated, feel they have no control over the situation and, bluntly put your child could be having a "melt down." Also peer pressure at school could be a reason. Bullying is at a high rate in both the U.S. and Canada. Go for a walk with your son and talk about things you see around you and every once in awhile just ask them about school and if anyone is bothering them there, or, what they are feeling at home. You could even go so far as to ask why they feel sad and need to cry and if this isn't helping then it's best to let a professional deal with this problem. You could have one spoiled child on your hands or there could be some valid reasons for this behavior.