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Connect your phone line to your computer and receive the fax. Then read the header for the sender's number and fax back to them that they have the wrong number.

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Most phone companies have a way of blocking a certain number. Sometimes it is $2-3 a month, however that can be easier than having the phone ring all the time.

It depends on who you are calling but generally you should leave your name and a number for the person to call you back on. You could also mention why you are calling.

It is impossible to see who is calling you under private. the only way to know is to let your answering machine take care of it or aquire a telephone number tracking device that only cops have.

You dial a fax number on a fax machine exactly the same way you would dial the same phone number from a landline phone at the same location.

The precautionary measures in handling a simple machine can be found in the instructions. Any questions can be answered by calling the customer service number provided. All machines should be handled with care.

You can call 1-800-444-4444 to find out what number you are calling from.

There is no safety requirement for a number of a calling card.

by calling 411 by calling 444

How do you number of OS in virtual machine

Most modern answering machines can be accessed by calling your home number and letting the phone ring. You then have to enter a code when the answering machine picks up. This is a very common feature.

Yes, if the fax is being sent to a long distance number. You dial a fax number on a fax machine exactly the same way that you would dial the same telephone number on a landline telephone at the same location. If the phone line you have the fax machine connected to cannot call long distance, then the fax machine will not be able to send a fax to a number outside your local calling area.

if you have a number and on the function machine they're is for example '+1' and your starting number is 4 then you will receive the number 5, that is what a function machine does:-)

No. You put 06 in front of a number when you're calling New Plymouth.

Wifi = A router Mobile Calling = phoning a mobile number

You use *67 before the number

You can the number into the blacklists of your mobile phone.

Prefix the fax number with holland country + area code. Make sure that your phone service are capable of calling long distance.

You can with every phone, but not texting you can hide your number when calling someone though, by putting 141 before the persons number you are calling.

very simple 0044-number without the 0 of area code ie calling manchester 0044161-number calling london 0044208-number

This really depends why she is calling you. If she is calling to talk to you about your interests and hanging out, she probably is interested. If she is calling you to find out who keeps calling her number and hanging up, then probably not.

The serial number should be on the the bottom underside of the machine or behind the belton the bottom of the machine.

my Bother sewing machine has no serial number

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