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she probably knows you think of her as so much more but doesn't like you that way and just to let you know she probably never will until she has had her share of messed up guys! just be that "brother" until she comes around or you move on. besides would you date your sister?

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โˆ™ 2005-10-14 01:52:37
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Q: What do you do when a girl thinks of you as a brother but you think of her as so much more?
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What it means when a girl thinks im wonderful?

I think it means that she likes you as a friend or more than that.

If your going to ask a girl out but she thinks of you more of a brother what should you do?

You should try to get away as more brother sister and just try to get her gifts spend more time together go to movies and just look like a million dollars to her and just get all sweet and all then ask her out and she will most likely say okay to date you and not think your a brother to her but more like a boyfriend . which is what your saying you want .

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Why is it that every girl you meet that you like always thinks of you as a brother but your lil brother can get any girl he wants and hes a douchbag towards them?

lets see, if a girl thinks of you as her brother than it means that she is really comfortable with you. that's a good thing! it doesnt mean that yall will never happen. it also means that more of your relationships will be long term while your little bro will have a lot of flings that wont last. trust me girls don't like being treated like dirt.

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