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You would obviously know that she/he isn't a very good friend

2006-08-18 12:19:47
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Who makes a good friend?

me :)

How can having a friend have benefits?

friends are always there for you when you are in trouble. No one can replace a good hearted friend.

What makes a good friend-?

A good friend will never judge you, always be there for you, and help you with problems.

What makes a good friend into a friend?

If he or she starts taking you for granted. Or you don't effect them anymore.

What should i do if my friend sends me a rude email?

May be your friend was in some trouble and was not in a good mood when the email was sent. If you like your friend and otherwise as a person your friend is good, you can send a friendly response back or just talk. - Neeraj Sharma

What makes a good friend good?

helpful and caring and being there for you when you suffer with things and be there for you when ever

What makes a friend into a good friend?

Well, you see a good friend could be a friend that cares about you, they could be fun to be around, or both. A friend is someone who hangs out with you and they are someone to talk to. So in order to make a friend a good friend, you should hang out with them, go to fun places, care about them, pretty much you need to be a good friend in order to make your friend be a good friend and I hope I helped! :D

How and where do you admit being gay while speaking to your best friend at the age of 14?

there will never be a good time and place for this your just going to have to hope for the best and if he really is your best friend then he will be okay with it

Is a friend that makes you do drug a good friend?

A person that makes you do drugs is not a friend, and should be reported to the police. Drugs can kill you, or make you an addict. Stay away from anyone who wants you do to drugs.

What type of student was Oprah?

she was a good student and she is hard working and doesn't get in trouble and makes really good grades.

What makes someone a true friend?

a true friend is honest, fun and unique. a good fried is a friend you can trust. he or she is also very supportive. atrue friend would sticks with you in bad and good times.

What makes so many erections?

probably good looking ladies my good friend :-D

What do you do if your friend told the girl you like that you like her?

Just admit its true she might even say that she likes you to, this is your chance to get her. You should ask yourself if your friend is a true friend if he spreads your secret. Good Luck. Love Steph <3

What makes friendship?

You and the way you behave, act and feel about your friend and the same way your friend feels for you. Good understanings with each other is good friendship

What makes people with Aspergers feel safe?

Having a good friend who understands and accepts them. I was lucky to find that friend.

Is there something that makes you think you look fine But you really dont?

A good friend.

What if you have a really good friend but everyone always makes fun of you and says your dating?

Don't listen to anyone and enjoy your life with your friend

What makes menchie's sweet friends smile?

he made them happy by being a good friend

Fair weather friend?

A fair weather friend is well a friend that you may think is a good friend but then as soon as your life is going as bad and you need a good friend for help and support he ditches and leaves you. If not forever at least until the "weather" is going good again. Example: I thought John would always stick beside me but when I was in trouble and needed help it turned out that he only a fair weather friend.

What do you do if your crush tells one of your friends that your best friend is good looking?

ask your crushes friend to ask him what makes her look good

I like a guy but I don't know if we should go out because I dated his best friend that's how I met him and he probably wouldn't ask me out to be a good friend HELP?

The guy is probably being respectful since you dated his friend and does not want to cause trouble between his relationship with his friend. It may be good not to date the guy.

What if a person was your friend and then they talked bout you n then want to be your friend again?

Get the person to admit it and tell you why they did it.If its a good enough reason then you can decide.Also they might have just of been having a bad day and didnt meen it,depends on what they said.

What kinds of qualities does Odysseus have that make him a good friend?

The kind of qualities that Odysseus have that makes him a good friend is by telling his men the truth about everything and by listening to his men through the troubles that goes by.

Sample Testimonials to a friend?

When making a sample testimonial to a friend, you should list some of the friends successes. Also add some funny stories. Discuss what makes your friend such a good friend as well.

What does No better relationship than a prudent and faithful friend mean?

It means girlfriend and boyfriends come and go , and casual companions can lead you astray , but a true friend who keeps you out of trouble, gives you good advice, and is always there for you can be a friend for a lifetime.