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What do you do when a rabbit stops eating or drinking?

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If your rabbit stops eating or drinking, it needs medical help immediately. If your regular "rabbit-savvy" vet isn't open, you should bring the rabbit to the nearest 24/7 vet. If you have experience in first aid, and you have the necessary supplies, you may be able to take care of the rabbit yourself until your regular vet opens in the morning. Either way, the rabbit needs fluids/hydration, force-feeding, pain medication, and gut motility medication - unless there's an actual gut blockage, in which case the rabbit might need surgery. Never give medication to a rabbit unless you're directed to by a vet, because you could end up making the rabbit even sicker. Many medications safe for humans (including babies), cats, and dogs are not safe for rabbits at all. Many medications that are safe for rabbits under some conditions, are not safe under other conditions, and only vets and very experienced rabbit people can know which is which. See the related questions below for more help and for useful links.

More information:

Your rabbit may be ill, and if it's seriously ill it may be giving up. When a rabbit gives up it will stop eating and drinking until it dies. So if I were you, take it to a vet now!

If your rabbit hasn't eaten in over 12 hours, take it to the vet immediately. There may be some underlying cause, but your rabbit is probably going into stasis, or ileus, where its digestive systems first slows down and then stops. It's hard to get it started again, and the sooner you start, the easier it will be. Make no mistake, if you leave this untreated, your rabbit will die.

It is important to take it to the vet as soon as possible. if it is possible you should try and give the rabbit water to drink to stop it getting dehydrated. when a rabbit stops eating/drinking it can be caused by spurs (spikes) growing on the molar teeth. A vet can burr these down which should sort the problem out.

12 hours is too long to wait. Your rabbit is getting more and more dehydrated. Try giving some baby pedialyte in a plastic eye dropper (glass ones can be bitten and break.) to your rabbit. If you can get some pedialyte in him you can stave off dehydration. Sometimes the pedialyte will stimulate appetite. Put some FRESH aromatic timothy hay in the cage to see if you can tempt the rabbit to eat a little bit, if he does, dry bread, carrot coins, cheerios and an apple slice can be tried also (not all at the same time). If you have mint in your garden or are growing carrots a sprig of mint and or a sprig of carrot top are good for your rabbit and mint will settle a tummy ache. If all of this is unsuccessful take your bunny to the vet, but don't wait 12 hours AND be prepared for a good sized bill.

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What do you do when your rabbit stops eating?

take it to the vet it could be sick

What if your rabbit stops eating?

If it hasn't eaten for about 6 hours, take it to the vet. If it isn't eating pellets, cook some brown sugar water long enough to melt the sugar and then pour it over the pellets. Wait to cool down and serve. MAKE SURE YOUR RABBIT IS DRINKING AT ALL TIMES.

What should you do with a rabbit that's not eating or drinking very skinny and very hard feces?

Yikes! The vet!You should take your rabbit to the vet immediately. Not eating or drinking is a very bad sign. Rabbits are grazing animals and should basically be eating most of the time they are awake.

How do you know when dutch rabbits are going to die?

The answer to this question is the same for all breeds of pet rabbit. When a pet rabbit is so sick or injured that it stops eating, drinking, peeing, and/or pooping, and/or if the rabbit is lying there not moving at all, then it will die unless it gets help from the vet. See the related questions below for more information and helpful links.

What does it mean when your rabbit is eating or drinking a lot?

It may mean it's hungry or thirsty. Rabbits eat and drink on and off all day long. Rabbits are grazers: this is normal behaviour for them. If your rabbit is eating or drinking more than normal, something may be wrong. For example, more drinking than normal is one sign of kidney disease. If your rabbit is eating or drinking more than normal -- or in any way has changed his or her behaviour -- it's a good idea to bring the rabbit to a vet who has experience with bunnies. See the related questions and links below for more information.

Is it bad if your bunny lies down a lot?

It could just be a lazy rabbit, but if its hot where it lives, it may be overheating. Or if the rabbit isn't eating or drinking, it may be sick.

Are rabbits allowed broccoli stalks?

I thought they were, but they give your rabbit gas, and rabbits are unable to pass gas. With built up gas, the little rabbit stops eating and slowly dies :(

What does it mean if puppy stops eating drinking vomiting foamy liquid and shivers and acts tired?

If your puppy or dog stops eating, that's usually a sign that its time for them to go. My dog stopped eating and drinking. She didn't urinate or excrete and she kept throwing up. She died within hours. Then again, it might just be because shes a puppy and maybe she just don't wanna eat or drink anything? But if that's the case, just give it time and your pup will be eating and drinking in no time.

Can a baby rabbit be given milk after eating tomato?

No, you'd only make the rabbit more sick. Rabbits can't digest milk or dairy products. They shouldn't even really have the yoghurt drops you can buy at the pet store.If your rabbit is sick, you have to bring it to a vet who has experience treating rabbits.Tomato (the fruit) is high in sugar, so it can make a rabbit sick if the bunny eats too much. A sugar spike can lead to gas, which is very painful for rabbits and sometimes they decide to hide and stop eating. If you can encourage the rabbit to keep eating hay, drinking water, and moving around, then it will be fine. If the rabbit stops eating, drinking, or pooping, then it will go into GI stasis and needs to see a vet right away, or else it will die.The tomato plant (all parts except the fruit) is poisonous for rabbits. If your rabbit is poisoned, it needs to see a vet immediately, there's nothing you can do for it at home.See the related questions below for details and links.

Will a rabbit die after 2 days of not eating or drinking?

Yes, after two days of no food or water, the rabbit will die, but with emergency medical care from a vet, the rabbit might survive. See the related questions below for details and helpful links.

What do you do if your rabbit stops eating?

Check if it drinks water, if not take it to the vet for some antibiotics or buy some of the shelf vitamins that may clear the stomach.

What do you feed a bunny if its about to die?

If the rabbit is sick let it eat whatever it can eat if it will eat. A lot of rabbits stop eating and drinking before they die.

What actors and actresses appeared in When the Rabbit Stops Dancing - 2003?

The cast of When the Rabbit Stops Dancing - 2003 includes: Creda Stewart as herself

How can you tell when a dolphins is full from eating?

It stops eating?

How do you know if a rabbit has a hair ball?

If it isn't eating, drinking water, pooping, or urinating, that probably means it has a hairball inside its body. Take it to the vet immediately. To prevent hairballs give the rabbit hay all the time.

What does it mean when a rabbit's eyes weep and it stops eating?

Your rabbit is sick, could be any number of things: pneumonia, cold, eye infection. Take it to a vet, it is serious.

Can a rabbit die from eating candy?

No they can't die from eating candy.It is gist not healthy for a rabbit to eat candy.

Which is healtier drinking a milk before eating or drinking a milk after eating?

It is healtier either way.

How do you get rid of flower eating rabbits?

Get a rabbit eating flower.

What is an example of a carnivore eating a herbivore?

A wolf eating a rabbit.

Rabbit not eating and drinking a lot of water?

Try giving clean timothy hay, bread crust, cheerios if he still won't eat he could be catching mucoid enteritis or something similar. Take to a vet to save rabbit.

How do you know if your rabbit dies?

Um, it stops breathing...

How does a rabbit move?

a rabbit moves by eating to get energy for his/her legs to jump.

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