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You have no choice but to replace the liner

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Q: What do you do when above ground vinyl pool bottom is thinning out?
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Can an above ground pool be repainted?

== == I think you may mean How do you replace the above ground pool liner? Avoce ground pools usually have a vinyl liner. You do not paint them.

What product do you use for packing the bottom of an in-ground pool before the vinyl liner goes in?


What above ground pool is the best?

a steel panel vinyl lined is probaly the most ecomical

How do you fix a hole in a pool without a vinyl repair kit?

You can't ... since the above ground pool is made of vinyl material, you need to apply a vinyl patch. Has to be a like material to be compatible.

Can baking soda be used to clean the vinyl in above ground swimming pools?

no it can not so stop trying

What happens if you skip the top rails of an above-ground vinyl liner pool?

You loose some stability.

What is a semi in-ground?

It's a type of swimming pool. Usually about 2-3 feet in ground and 2-3 feet above with a vinyl enclosure.

What is the cost of converting an above ground vinyl pool from fresh water to salt water?

buy the pump and the salt.

What is the meaning of liner?

Regarding pool: a liner refers to an in-ground or above ground pool that uses a Vinyl Liner to hold the water. The liner is a custom fit to the shape of the pool, in-ground pools utilizes steel, or composite walls to hold the earth back and the floor can be a thin concrete or a sand bottom.

What is the best gauge of vinyl for an above ground pool?

600 microns works well and can last up to 10 years

How do you repair the blue tube attached to the above ground swimming pool?

An above ground pool vinyl liner repair kit may work. You can get these locally at most hardware stores and even Wal-Mart.

Discount Pool Supplies?

form_title= Discount Pool Supplies form_header= Buy pool supplies at a great price! Do you have an in ground or above ground pool?*= () In Ground () Above Ground Do you have vinyl lined pool?*= () Yes () No Do you have a salt water pool?*= () Yes () No What supplies do you need?*= _ [50]

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