What do you do when herobrine finds you?

If herobrine finds you, have a iron or diamond sword with you and keep hitting him. Herobrine will probably have a diamond pickaxe, a diamond sword, or nothing. If you have an arrow, run backwards shooting him. If you want to prepare for him to come, put 4 iron doors around yourself, put a pressure plate inside, and put a block over it so he does no fly out. And get out of it Don't bother if you have an cobblestone, gold, or wood sword to try and kill herobrine. If you spot him on ipod, ipad, iphone, then try to take a picture of him. If you have nothing in your hands, or something that is not an iron or diamond sword, then you have 2 choices.
1. Let him Kill you
2. run away
Have any kind of ally fight herobrine if you can.Your allys won't kill him for you, they just help do some damage to him. hiding is not an option because he always knows where you are and can break any block. You don't look for him, herobrine hunts you down.If you fight him have diamond armor on. It is said if you kill him, he appears in your next world. Remember, he can fly,he can open door.