What do you do when you brake a girl's heart?

Well, you should talk to her and give her some flowers. girls love flowers. and twenty bucks.

you punch yourself in the face, and opaligise, they call it Braken because you have a physical pain in your heart, it kinda feels empty, and what not. But over all just tell her how much your sorry, I think you should follow my answer because i am a girl, so i would know. And btw i would hate for someone to give me flowers, but 20$ is great lol.


I'm sorry that you thought breaking someone's heart will be easy, but it's not. You want to make amends to what you did to her, then be man enough to talk to her and explain why both of you needs to break up. Explain to her why it must, then respect her for saying your sorry. Then don't bother her anymore, no more writing, calling of even saying hi! when you see her.