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You go on to defeat the eight gym leader.

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after you've defeated the 1st gym leader

the 8th gym leader in Pokemon platinum is in sunyshore city

go to the light house in sunnyshore city then go back to the gym and the gym leader should be there.

The fifth gym leader in Pokemon platinum is crasher wake but you get the fourth badge.

The seventh gym leader is Candice, the Ice Type leader. She is at Snowpoint City.

The 7th leader is Blaine. He uses fire pokemon.

the seventh gym leader in the johto region is in mahogany town the seventh gym leader in the kanto region is on seafoam island

The water Pokemon gym leader is in Pastoria City.

You get waterfall once you've Defeated the Gym leader in SunshoreCity, After you have go to the northern beach and a girl will give it to you. Hope this helps.

The eighth gym leader in Pokemon platinum is the one in sunny shore city.

Get the Rainbow pass and go to the seventh island talk to the lady at the pokemon center in the top hat, and she will lead you to looker.

there is not a flying type gym in Pokemon platinum there is one in Pokemon emerald,ruby,and Sapphire

The strongest gym leader is volkner.

his name is cyrus he is the leader of team galatic

you can get it from the seventh gym leader, Candice once you have defeated her at the snowpoint gym

You can find it at the begining of the game, you can only use it once ou have defeated gym leader roark. Hope this helps.

After defeated the gym leader go to shop ad you'll find the guy Red and he'll give you hm07

An old guy called Pryce, who specializes in ice pokemon.The seventh gym leader is Pryce in Mahogany town.

That'd be Volkner who remains the Gym Leader there.

The forth gym leader is in Veilstone City

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