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You simply change the batteries.If you have a Gameboy Advance SP, you recharge it. the arswer is wrong at the top i have already put new batterys in so shutup and your the idiot top arnswer wrong

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โˆ™ 2005-11-13 17:38:29
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Q: What do you do when you turn the Game Boy Advance on but the screen goes blank with the action replay GBX?
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My animal crossing wild world keeps blanking out because of my action replay and after i press strat the screen goes blank what do i do?

quick answer: stop using Action Replay

Your action replay dsi will show the games menu but when you try to open one it goes to a blank white screen and no games will start. How do you play the games?

Your Action Replay is ~BrOkEn~

What is wrong with your action replay if your game goes blank at the title screen and then the AR doesnt work?

Your action Replay is getting old. They don't last for a very long time so you need to replace them after a while.

What do you do if Your action replay DS wont start up and it just shows a blank white screen?

Its probably broke and you should get a new one.

How do you fix an action replay DS that only shows a blank screen?

You cannot fix it. It is broken and cannot be changed. You must get a new one or something.

How can you access cheats when your action replay is blank?

you all are Mr. patatoe heads

How do you fix the blank white screen on the action replay DS?

You reset the game. If that does not work buy a new replay It depends on which white screen. If it is in the beginning then reset or hard reset. If it is in the game just reset set the system and/or blow on the cartridge. If it is loading the codes well that hasn't been solved yet!

Your lg rumor screen is blank?

Why would my screen be blank?

What do you do if every time you start up your action replay the two screens go blank?

then its broken, get a new one

My action replay won't update because it says there's not enough space but it's completely blank. If I try to add a new codes the bottom screen has red and blue stripes and it freezes up.?

With your console powered off insert the Action Replay DSHold down buttons A+BTurn your console onWith A+B still held down, as soon as you see the Action Replay DS license screen press and hold down buttons START+SELECT so that you now have 4 buttons held downHold all 4 buttons down for around 10 seconds until the Action Replay DS loads to it`s home screenIf Action Replay DS doesn't hold on the license screen for around 10 seconds when you do this, you may need to turn off and try again

Why does your Action Replay DS stay white after you click Start for Pokemon White?

When you use an action replay cheat cartridge you should only use 1 cheat code at a time, if you don't it may mess up your game and that is when you get a blank screen (white or black in color) and at thst point the game is unplayable - period, end of story and you have to buy a new one

Why would action replay max gba and ds not start up and the screen just go blank?

I don't know why it won't start up, but that happened to me before. What I do is when I start it up, I push it in hard as I turn it on. Hope this helps! i have not got a clue

Can you catch Darkrai with out action replay and no event?

go into the shop (the building with the blue roof) and when the screen goes blank press L and R and there should be a man in green that will give you a motel pass to get in the inn in the city with the brige its in the top riight corner

Bios image reading problem on ds lite.please help me. Pokemon ranger guardians is the only ds game which i cannot game screen becomes blank when i play it?

if u have an action replay it has stuffed up the game u need 2 put in a code 2 start it up again depending on the version of action replay u have sorry if this is no help.

Cheats wont work for my action replay when I play Pokemon pearl How do you get them to work?

the same thing happened to me when i tried it it just turned blank

Is it wrong to threaten someone on the internet behind a blank screen?

Yes, it is wrong to threaten someone on the internet with a blank screen.

What actors and actresses appeared in Blank Screen - 1999?

The cast of Blank Screen - 1999 includes: Ryan Wickerham as Aristotle

Is it real if your screen is blank on your dsi the screen is broken?


How do you fix kyocera strobe blank screen?

A Kyocera Strobe that has a blank screen can be fixed by replacing the screen and ribbon cable. Screens can be easily damaged from being dropped.

What to do if Dsi screen goes blank and can't turn it off?

you have to do nothing and just wait until your dsi turns off of low battery lucky me, my battery was already blinking red I was playing Pokemon pearl with action replay and that happened, be careful with action replay Your dsi will be fine. no harm or anything a faster way is to take out your battery and put it back in

Action Replay DSi Or Action Replay Wii?

I recommend neither. Just play it fair, the point of the game is fun, not to just tear through it in 5 minutes, which is a waste of money anyway. Also, The AR is known to cause game failures, system failures, sudden blackouts (The game is still playing, but the screen goes blank).And,you also loose your warranty. Are you really going to risk it? You really shouldn't. Especially on Super Mario Bros.

How do you enter radio code on 2005 KIA Sportage if screen is blank?

You cannot enter the radio code on a 2005 KIA Sportage if the screen is blank. You have to fix the screen. How do you fix the screen?

What can I do to fix the problem of a blank screen when I insert action replay into my ds?

I don't know but mine has the same problem and I m so unlucky because my ar does not work no matter what I do. I've tried holding down L+R+A+B+SELECT, and that doesn't work, so please help me

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I believe that it is a large projector and the 'screen' is a giant blank white screen.

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Unless it is a reflection of another TV, you can't. Maybe the screen isn't blank?