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You may have pulled a muscle. If the pain persists, have a doctor check on you.

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Q: What do you do when your arm hurts for some reason?
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What part of the arm hurts the most when punched?

The back arm hurts the most for some reason.

What hurts worse neck or arm tattoo?

it depends where you have it on your arm the neck hurts more than the bottom of your arm, but the top of your arm hurts more than your neck.

Your left arm hurts and feels hot?

At any time a left arm hurts and the reason is unknown it is advised to see a doctor immediately. Though it can be do to multiple reasons the risk of a heart attack should be ruled out.

What happens when you pull an arm muscles when dissecting a chicken?

your arm hurts then you go to a real doctor and get some medicine for your tennis elbow.

What is a hurts doughnut?

it is when you ask someone if the want a hurts doughnut and then punch them in the arm and say hurts don't it.

How does a broken arm effect you playing sport?

It hurts...

How do you spell arm in french?

an arm is 'un bras' in French. my arm hurts : j'ai mal au bras

How do you say you have a pain in my arm or my arm hurts in french in words not oral?

j'ai mal au bras?

When you catch the football it really hurts your arm?

it doesnt if you catch right

How do you say my arm hurts in french?

J'ai mal au bras

Which hurts more a pimp slap or a normal slap?

a pimp slap hurts more then a normal slap the reason it hurts more is because when some pimp slaps u they are wearing a ring and that is why it is called a pimp slap

Should you be concerned if your child's arm hurts a lot after the meningitis shot?

No, it's normal to experience some pain a few days after the injection.