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if he was your ex you should be over him. If your not over him you should tell your friend or try to get him back.

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2009-09-20 16:17:02
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Q: What do you do when your best friend wants to ask out your ex?
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How do you know what your ex wants?

Ask her (or him). Ask his or her best friend. Many times an ex-whatever just wants to be left alone. Respect their need for privacy and personal space.

Why would your ex's best friend try to prevent another guy from asking you out?

probably because your ex wants to get back with you or the best friend wants to get with you... The best friend fancies you, hon.

How do you get your ex boyfriends best friend to ask you out?

just ask him yourself

How do you get your shirt back from your ex best friend?

Ask them for it.

How do you know if your ex best friend wants to be your friend again specificHELP?

well, if she really wants to be your friend again shes just gonna come out and say it.

What do you do if you like your ex-boyfriend's best friend?

EX boyfriend? Well why don't you just ask him out?

If you ask your friend if they have a sweater and before they can answer your EX jumps in and says ohh here and gives you his what does that mean?

That your EX wants you and him back together

What is the next step when your ex-boyfriend ask his friend to come pick you?

If you are still interested in your Ex ask his friend that she will get the pick from her Ex not from his friend.

Your Ex wants to kiss you but his girlfriend is your best friend?

Tell your best friend and don't let him kiss you. Approach the matter very catiously. Your Ex is just that, but good friends are hard to come by. If your Ex persists then tell your girlfriend.

What if your best friends ex boyfriend asks you out?

Ask your best friend first if you're interested. Say no if you're not and tell your best friend anyway.

How can your ex girlfriend's best friend help you get back with her if she knows you still like your ex?

It depends on if your ex still likes you and if her friend is willing to help. If she is, then ask her to talk you ex into giving you a second chance.

What should you do if your ex wants to come over and your friend wants to be bring one of his friends over but your ex doesn't know about it and you want to see your ex but not the friend's friend?

Tell your friend that you dont want to see the friend of a friend as you would like to spend some time with your ex, i am sure he will understand.

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