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Get a different boyfriend. He should be more attentive to you, or at least have other interests.

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Q: What do you do when your boyfriend plays games on his computer every night all night?
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How do you convince your boyfriend to call him every night?

If I said to my boyfriend to call him every night; he would totally do it. Just tell him how you feel, I'm sure if he really likes you.. or loves you; he'll respect that. :)

What does it mean to dream about your boyfriend?

It means you are in love with him! You think about him everyday and every night! You are in love girl!

My boyfriend is dreaming of fish every night?

Fish means money and luck. Something good will happen to him. :)

What is Game Night?

A night where you and your family sit down and play games for a couple hours every week.

How do you prevent btd4 from crashing?

By having sex with your computer every night for 6 weeks.

Can you sleep with your boyfriend every single night without having intercourse?

Yes you can, but it may be difficult to never have intercourse.

Should you turn off your computer every single time?

Yes you should turn your computer off during night. to save electricity and to prevent your computer from wearing out. Yes you should turn off your computer during the night.

What do you do if your boyfriend has a very close friend who he talk's to every day in the morning and night?

Well, they might be tight friends. Though, you should talk to your boyfriend just to make sure.

If you talk to a good guy every night who confides listens to you and tells you he trusts you and you can trust him. Does he like you?

No, His mother is out with her boyfriend.

Cheating boyfriend how would you know?

if he went out almost every night or you secretly follow him and see what hes up too

What does it mean when you dream your old boyfriend every night?

like for about almost two weeks now i dream about my old boyfriend every night. i dream him beeing with me again together happy and other nights i dream about him showing his friend a phone and saying his with someone else and i feel hurt in my dream. what does my dreams mean?

How can you get somebody to stop playing those computer games late at night?

ask them to sleep :D simple as that

What is something sweet to say to your boyfriend?

If I could hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole night sky in my hands

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What song has the lyrics every day and every night?

The Trolls Every Day and Every Night

If you ask your boyfriend what he did last night and he said nothing do you think he cheated?

No. Nothing probably means watching tv or playing videa games.

Does your boyfriend love you if you cry at night?

Crying at night has no effect on the love, or lack of it, from your boyfriend. Though if he is with you and you constantly cry each night it is more likely to estrange him than endear him.

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Is it good to to turn computers off at night?

If you have a Windows computer, it is good for them to be restarted and turning off periodically. However, if you have a Mac, they do not necessarily need to be turned off every night.

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What your boyfriend does to you at night.

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on him

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