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It could be sick, so you might need to show it to a vet.

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What is the best hamster wheel for a dwarf hamster?

The smallest one you can find!

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a regular hamster?

the difference between a dwrf hamster and a regular hamster is the dwarf hamster will stay the same size wbut the regular hamster will keep gtrowing---- Well normally a dwarf is a lot smaller and a lot less sturdier. A dwarf is good for a fourteen year old and a reg. one is good for a nine year old. They both make awesome pets! You can be happy with either one.

Can you have just one dwarf hamster?

Yes, if you want to.

Can a male Russian Dwarf hamster mate with a female Robo Dwarf hamster?

No, they cannot breed together because they have to be the same breed. . . Or you might end up with one dead hamster.

What if the boy dwarf hamster is youger then the girl dwarf hamster?

They can still get together even if one is old and the other is young, it just depends on the hamsters.

Which one is better Syrian hamster or dwarf hamster?

depends dwarf hamsters are less smaller(about the size of your palm) it all depends on which one you want syrian are slightly bigger

Should you get a dwarf Russian hamster or a roborovski?

You should get a dwarf russian hamster. I have one and I love it. My hamster is so friendly. It doesnt bite but when it is scared it might nibble on your finger. My hamster is so so calm and it is family friendly.

What would happen if i put a male dwarf hamster in with my 2 female hamsters?

the male hamster will choose one female hamster and the left one will die

Can a teddy bear hamster and a winter white hamster mate?

No. One is a Syrian Hamster, the other is a Dwarf Hamster. They are not the same species, they are not even the same genus.

Can you put a dwarf hamster in a hamster ball?

If you get a special, smaller one, of course. The problem with a ball made for a syrian hamster is that it might be too heavy. A dwarf hamster's weight may not be enough to start it rolling.

Does a hamster feel alone when theres lonley one hamster in the cage?

It Depends On The Hamster Type. If Its A Dwarf Hamster, Its Better If Its Has Another Dwarf Hamster To Play With (make sure they are the same sex or you'll have little hamster babies ;P) If Its A Syrian Hamster It Doesn't Like Company, It Will Fight With The Other Hamster.Hope This Helps xD

What size cage do you need for a dwarf hamster?

At least one foot by one foot.

How many babies do dwarf hamsters have at one time?

in-between 1-21, sometimes it depends on the age, if its a younger dwarf hamster then she will most likely have more around 20-ish, the older dwarf hamster, the less babies it will have!

Would a dwarf hamster be able to live with a teddy bear hamster?

No!!!! They will fight till one of them is severely injured or dead.

Can a female dwarf hamster have babies without a male hamster?

yes but it is unlikely to have more than one baby like this

What is the average weight for dwarf hamster?

about one ounce or if they are fat about 1.5 ounces

Can a teddy bear hamster be with a dwarf hamster together in one cage?

no, unless you're just trying to end up with one of them in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes

Do hamsters have long tails?

Yes. One species of hamster does have a 'long' tail. The Chinese hamster (often mislabelled the Chinese Dwarf hamster) has a tail that measures roughly 1inch, although this doesn't seem that long, it is when compared to other hamster species. All other hamsters have short tails - the length depending on what species they are. (eg Syrian, Russian Campbell's dwarf, Winter white dwarf or roborovski dwarf).

When and how often do you feed a hamster?

Answer:one table spoon in the mornig one in the evenig but a dwarf hamster eats 2 tea spoons in the morning and evening

Can you put two different female hamster species in the same cage particularly a teddy bear hamster and a dwarf hamster?

no because they will fight and one might die.

Could a Young hamster live with a one year old hamster?

If the 1 year old hamster is a syrian hamster DO NOT put another hamster with it. They are hamsters that NEED to be alone. If it is a dwarf, hamster, it might be ok. Dwarf hamsters like having each others company. However, if the 1 year old hamster is not use to other hamsters, it might not go over to well.

What does a hamster look like?

A hamster is a rodent about baseball sized. They have black eyes and have yellow teeth.They have little pink noses, and long whiskers (one inch). Hamsters are diffrent colours. My hamster is a black hamster and is about one year old.Hoped this helpled!well they are very very cute. chubby. cuddly. soft or rough. and they are the most cutist thing in the world!This is a dwarf hamster:Here is another kind of hamster:And another dwarf hamster:

Does a dwarf hamster ever have just one baby?

It happens more than you think.

Where should you go to get a roboverski dwarf hamster?

i got mine at petsmart but if you want a hamster to hold i would recomend you should get a bigger one

What type of hamsters are they?

look it up.these are the basic kinds:Syrian Hamster - Probably the most common type of hamster, this includes golden hamsters, fancy hamsters, standard hamsters, and teddybear hamsters.Russian Dwarf Hamster - These are divided into two types, the Dwarf Cambells Russian and the Siberian or Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster.Chinese Hamster - Sometimes referred to as "rat-like" hamsters, this is one of the smallest breeds of hamster, and less common than the Russian Hamsters.Roborovski Hamster - This is the smallest type of hamster and also the least common.