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Well, its ok for them to hang out. If you trust her, then yes, if not then go with her. Like a double date.

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Q: What do you do when your girlfriend wants to hang out with a friend who is a guy this guy used to like my girlfriend but now he has a girlfriend what do i do is it right for me to be bothered?
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How do you know if your best friend wants your girlfriend?

If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.

What a girlfriend wants from his boy friend?

sex _________________ love

What does Liam Payne wants to be his girl friend?

His girlfriend is Danielle Peazer so he wants her.

When a guy tells you he is in love with his girlfriend?

It means that he is in love with his girlfriend that he wants to take his relationship seriously and he wants you as a friend not more than friends.

Why does the guy you like's friend push him to you?

Because he wants his friend to hav a beautiful girlfriend

What does it mean when your best friend replaces you with his girlfriend?

hes still your friend buthe wants to spend more time getting closer to his girlfriend

Does Mitchel musso want a girlfriend?

Yes Mitchel Musso wants a girlfriend but he wants the right girl though

Your friend wants to just be friends but you want her to be your girlfriend what do you do?


What do you do if your girlfriend wants to be just friends?

start looking for a girl friend

Ex girlfriend tells you she is still in love with you but wants you as a friend right now?

It seems she is not ready for a commited relationship at this time but enjoys your company and does not want that to go away.

Why does a girlfriend keep seeing her old boy friend?

She wants him back

What do you do if your best guy friend tells you he likes you but he already has a girlfriend?

I would have to say he has a girlfriend because he wants to get over you. maybe because he is scared or in fear to lose you as a friend

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

Who is prodigy's girl friend?

who is prodigys girlfriend i think he does not have a girlfriend i could be his girlfriend if he wants me to because i am mindless 247 mb is takeing over 2013

What does it mean when your girlfriend says she wants to be your friend and she has someone else?

She is two timing you.

Your girlfriend says she wants to make out just not now what does that mean?

that the time is not right and she wants to wait.

Girlfriend's friend gets married and now girlfriend wants to marry as well?

It's up to you man, don't feel rushed.

What does it mean when your girlfriend is getting annoyed of you?

She is bothered by your actions, she doesn't want to be by you because u embarress her, and she probally wants to dump u... P.S. I am a girl I would know.

How can you please my girl friend?

Ask her what she wants. Do as she says. If she doesn't like it, get a new girlfriend.

What do you do if your friend gets a hanging wedgie by his roomate and his girlfriend is coming?

You help your friend out as best you can! No one wants to be caught in an embarassing position in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend. You should always help your friends out.

If a boy likes you but he has a girl friend what do you do?

tell him to backoff and stay with the girl he likes if hes willing to cheat he wants to b reak up with his girlfriend so tell his girlfriend that he wants to brfeak up

Can you trust your girlfriend to sleep with her male friend who she kissed before and he wanted to be with her?

It's not right! Even if you could trust her, your girlfriend can be there for her friend without sleeping with him. If he's in emotional pain they could sit on the couch and she could put her arms around him to comfort him, but there is no reason whatsoever for going to bed. You need to let your girlfriend know this is wrong! If her friend wants her to stay overnight to comfort him, then she can sit in a chair while he sleeps and keep an eye on him.

You like this guy and his friend tells you that he himself wants you and not to tell his friend Does that mean that the guy that you like actually likes you but his friend is jealous or what?

Some friend! To have a friend who want to butt in on your girlfriend is not a friend. Didn't it occur to you that what this friend of your friend did is really lousy? He wants to take you away from his friend! Watch out for this guy! I certainly wouldn't trust him.

Your girlfriend wants you to break up with her and go for her friend?

If she wants to do that let her do that. There is no point in stopping her and asking to stay the way she is. It might always be a trouble if you do that with her.

When is Justin bieber having a baby with his girlfriend?

He's not! He wants to stay pure, and he does not have a girlfriend right now. sorry.