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Please take him/her to the vet. Eye infections can progress very fast in different species and can harm or blind the animal permanently if left untreated. There is nothing you can buy "over the counter" that is safe to use in this case as the medication is only prescribed by the vet.

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Q: What do you do when your guinea pig has a small red bump on the corner of his eye?
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What is the red bump in the corner of your eye?

Most likely your asking about the inside corner area and referring to your tear duct.

Bump or a mass on the corner of your eye next to your nose that is hard what could this be no pain?

Sounds like a stye

What is the cherry eye disease?

Cherry Eye Disease is something only dogs. The disease starts out appearing as a small red bump that sticks up above the third eyelid and is located in the corner of the eye nearest the nose. Cherry eye is actually caused by an inveted nictitans gland.

Why do you have a bump on your eye?

What bump are you talking about

What can cause a bump on your eye lids?

what cause bump on eye lids

Why do you have a bump in the middle of your eye?

baby bump!

What does it mean when you have a bump on your eye?

that's not a bump that's the lens in your eye that sticks out

What is the small reddish elevation in the corner of the eye that contains glands?


What does a stye on the eye look like?

A stye eye is a small, reddish bump on the eye's lining (usually where eyeliner is applied on the bottom of the eye). Sometimes, it has a white tip.

What are these red bumps near the poutside corner of my eye it started out as one bump and now there are two more. they don't itch or have a discharge.?


What is a stye in the eye?

A stye eye a small, reddish bump located on the eye's lining (where eyeliner is usually applied on the bottom of the eye). It is caused my oil blockage in the eye or the effect of dirt that wasn't properly cleaned out of the eye.

Can guinea pigs be harmed by getting hay in their eyes?

Guinea pigs sometimes get small bits of hay in their eyes and this is not harmful unless the hay is stuck in the corner of the eye. Larger pieces of hay could hurt the guinea pigs eye.

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