What do you do when your pubic hair gets really knotty and itchy if you are a girl?


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Shave it :| pubic hair isn't cute at all, & it's the best way to stay clean & not itch.

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Unless they shave it, but yes. Everyone gets pubic hair.

I have an itchy scalp and my best solution is to use selsun blue

You can't, every male gets pubic hair, it is part of puberty

we get itchy because when you skin (a type of cell) gets irritated it causes an itch and when you scratch it helps you relive from the itch.

it gets swollen and itchy

No, pubic hair growth occurs simultaneously along with genital growth.

it gets itchy and you start getting a bad odor !!!

You can't. Pubic hair is designed to fall out before it gets too long. It is not like hair on your head.

It is normal that one gets an itchy rash on top of a deep bruise. This is due to nerve cells near the bruise are reacting periodically causing an itchy rash.

a flea gets food while a lemming is itchy

A man that want to remove his pubic hair.

because it's pubic hair and every guy gets it.

Their dick gets real long and they get pubic hair

No, hair does not get itchy when it gets long. Some people may feel that long hair is a bother and makes them feel itchy but it is not common.

If you put the band-aid on and your skin gets a rash/itchy you may be alergic, go see your doctor if this does occur to see if it really is an allergy.

Yes, it is just pubic hair...everyone gets it

Bad? It's a matter of opinion. Mine is that people can do whatever they want with their own hair. And pubic hair in particular is about as personal as it gets.

Groom it, most women and men do on occasion when it gets out of hand.

because it points as it gets to the end making a point so as you lay on it the grass tickles your back making you itch. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grass-is-Itchy/245121200189

No, but if you shave your pubic hair you can get ingrown hairs that can get infected. It is nothing too serious though, it is just kind of like having a pimple. They go away on their own. Cutting your pubic hairs though will not harm you or your vaginal area. if u dont shave ur pubic hairs down their and u have ur period all of ur hair down their gets clumped together and it really hurts, plus it smells even worse

Because when blood rushes to the nipple it sometime gets mini clots in it and causes an irration.

because when you pull your hair it hurts and so instead of it hurting it gets itchy

Apparently, you can if it gets really really serious Apparently, you can if it gets really really serious

Pubic hair is a lubricant. It prevents skin to skin rubbing and irritation during sexual intercourse.Pros:Pubic hair helps keep the female scent in their body. It also reduces friction to the area from the clothes preventing arousal at the unwanted times. It prevents dirt and insects from getting into your area.Cons:Pubic hair can also keep disgusting stuff in your area when it's your time of the month. The pubic hair can keep moisture in your area increasing your chance of having a bacterial infection (yeast infection). If you are wearing lacy panties or things and such, the hair gets in the way of your straps and laces. A lot of pubic hair can cause your mate to not be able to see what he is doing.For guys, there really is no reason to keep it except that it's a lot of work maintaining that shrub. It also gets in the way of blowjobs.

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