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If the surviving spouse did not sign the credit card agreement then they are not responsible for it. However, the creditors could still come after the deceased spouse's estate (i.e. life insurance) for the balance of credit. You probably want to ask an estate attorney that question.

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Q: What do you do with a dead spouses credit card debit?
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Using a dead spouses credit card?

Using a dead person's credit card is a criminal offense.

Are you responsible for your dead spouses credit card debt if you own a house together?

Your dead spouse's estate is responsible for the credit card debt. In practice, this may amount to "you are responsible for it."

Are dividends a credit or debit?

Dividends have a normal Debit balance. An easy way to remember this is "DEAD": Debits are Expenses, Assets, and Dividends.

Can you take out a credit card for a dead relative?

Where is this dead reletive traveling to that he/she needs credit? Sounds illegal to me, what do you think?

Will you be responsible for your dead husband's credit card debts that he had before you married?


Is a Delaware spouse responsible for her dead husbands credit card bills?


How do you break into a house with a credit card?

you can only do this if the door does not have the dead bolt take the credit card and stick it inbewteen the doorway and the door (the other side of the hinges) then you slide it up or down until you find the part of the door that opens it, then you stick the credit card in there and pull back then it should open the door if you did it right.

Does a spouses dead wife spirit comes back to haunt the new wife?


How to report someone who takes out a crediT CARD WITH A dead mother or fathers name and uses it?

Call your Disctict Attorney Office and report the fraud.

Are you responsible for a credit card debt from dead spouse in North Carolina?

In most cases they will be held responsible. The spouse is considered to have benefited from the debt.

Who pays a dead man's credit card?

The estate (whatever the deceased left behind) or a co signer on the card. The person in charge of the estate (executor) does NOT pay for any of the estate's debts out his/her pocket.

Do you have to pay your dead husbands credit card debt?

The answer depends on the details such as:When the account was openedwhether you live in a community property stateWhat was purchased- did you benefit from the purchasesWhether your property was owned as tenants by the entiretyYou should consult with an attorney before paying those credit card balances.