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Q: What do you do with the remote controlled helicopter on the bored walk?
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How do you get combat helicopter in Nintendogs?

1. Go on a walk EVERY DAY 2. Go in the ? boxes 3. Do this loades of times and then one day on a walk the helicopter will be there

Is there a code for a RC helicopter on Nintendogs?

No, you can only get an RC Helicopter in the presents while, you're taking a walk.

How do you stop eating when bored?

you should take a walk

How do you get the frisbee in wimpy board walk poptropica?

you have to beat all the games and give the jumbo prize to the kid with the helicopter and use the helicopter

Where is cranium shaker on diary wimpy kid board walk?

there by the boy with the helicopter

I think my Boyfriend is getting bored or fed up with our relationship how can you tell his hearts not into it anymore?

You can tell hes not into the relationship when you walk into the room wearing nothing on and he looks at you and ask honey wears the remote that is when you need to start looking for something new

How do you take helicopter rides in the snow resort in Go Vacation?

Turn around a little bit and you should see some pink circles not too far away. Go up to them and get off your form of transport (walk). Look at each map and it shows you where each helicopter goes. Then go in the circle near the map you want to go to and click A on your wii remote. Don't press A again because that skips the adventure of the helicopter!

What do elephants do when there board?

they never get bored they walk around and eat all day

What are some good ideas on stuff to do when youre bored?

There are many great ideas out there for people to do when they are bored. Some things to do when your bored is to take a walk, go swimming, read a book, or volunteer somewhere.

What is the use of a television remote?

It saves you having to walk to the television by clicking a button on the remote to change the channel or volume.

How can you get to school other than a car?

Walk, Buss, Taxi, Helicopter, Roller skates, motorbike.

What do you do with the helicopter on wimpy board walk in poptropica?

you have to beat all games. get the jumbo prize trade it for the hellicopter.