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If the wound is incredably bad take it to a vet to get it stiched up.Even if the the wound is not bad, I still recamend you take it to a vet.

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Can a little bit of a hot dog harm a cat?


How does a dog react when bitten by an opposum?

Because my dog got bit by one I can tell you how a cat reacts, my cat killed it.

What should you get a cat or a dog?

I personally think its your opinion. A cat uses a bit less responsibility, and a dog uses a bit more responsibility. Overall, they have about the same amount of attention needed, so its all your choice.

My dog got bit by something is it a snake?

There is a chance that it was a snake, dog, or cat but if the dog starts to act weird take it to the vet imedietly

Is it harmful for humans to be bit by acat which has been bitten by a stray dog?

Yes. It is definitely harmful. But if the dog has bitten the cat for more than ten days, there is no problem of rabies to the cat. You please get the cat immunized.

Is there a cat cat or a cat dog?

No. There is a cartoon called "Cat-Dog". But, there is no cat-cat or cat-dog in reality.

What is the names of the cat and dog in cat dog?

Their names are just Cat and Dog!

Do cats like potatoes?

My cat does especially if they are mashed (I mean the potatoes not the cat) with a bit of fish or meat mixed in my dog likes this too.

What is better - a cat or a dog or a hamster?

cat then dog

Does Kesha have a dog or cat?

she has a dog and a cat.

Do you spay a dog or a cat?

You spay a female dog and cat, you neuter a male dog and cat.

Why does your dog groom your cat?

If your dog is grooming your cat, it means that the dog thinks the cat is part of the family.

What is faster dog or cat?

It depends on the dog and cat.

Does Peg Kehret have a cat or a dog?

She has a cat and a dog.

How do you say cat and dog in Scotland?

cat and dog.

Cat is to kitten as dog is to?


Is a rat and cat or a cat and a dog more closely related?

A cat and a dog.

Can a dog and cat breed?

Theoretically, A small dog, and a large cat, can have coitus. But no. They cannot make a cat dog.

How do you feed your cat to your dog?

Why would you want to do that? You do not feed a cat to a dog. Feeding a cat to a dog is animal abuse.

Are you allowed to have a dog?

I am allowed to have a dog, but since I have a cat I cannot get a dog. Yes you can have a dog if u do have a cat get a puppy and raise it up with the cat.

What can you feed a chihuahua dog went she hates dog food and chicken?

you can give her cat food (most dogs love cat food as its richer in taste and smell) and mix in a little tiny bit of dog food and gradually and more dog food each time until she eats dog food

What type dog is cat friendly?

A cat friendly dog is one that is not trying to kill the cat. A cat friendly dog wont kill, chase, or hurt the cat.

What is the climax point of the story The cat who thought she was a cat and the dog who thought he was a cat?

The dog who thought he was a cat?

Can a dog kill a cat?

yes a dog can kill a cat

What is the children of th couple of dog and cat?