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Occasionally, a teacher will take an acute dislike to a student for no noticeable reason. Think back over the time you have spent with the teacher, keeping in mind any instances where you may have been in any way disruptive to the class. If no such incidents exist, or if they are very seldom and mild in their nature, it is probably best to take the issue up with the teacher with a third party present (a parent, another teacher, etc.). The next step would be to contact the school's administration, possibly to request a transfer to another teacher.

I have the same problem, I don't know what to do though. she is best friends with the pricipal and their are no other teacher that I can switch to.

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If your teacher hates you, it doesn't matter if you answer every question, give her/him apples, get A's or be teacher's pet. What they want from you is to do your homework everyday, listen in class, etc.

Teachers don't expect you to be perfect in every subject. Nobody's perfect. If you get a D, F, C, B, or A, it won't matter. They want to at least know that you're trying your best.

Or you can go by the goody good good way. You can say, "Good Morning" to the teacher everyday, you can give him/her apples, and be a kissup. I prefer the first way because everyone's smart, if everyone tries their best, they can succeed.

if your teacher hates you, there is nothing you can do or say to stop them hating you, so just mess about in class for a while and then turn really good in there classes so you can say you have improved your behaviour.

or just mess about completely and annoy them.

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to tell you the truth no teacher should hate you they might dislike you but never hate. As you may notice that no teacher will say to your face i hate you because they no it is not true, and did you know that hate is a very powerful word in most natures it means kill, burn,torment, or hurt and i know that your teacher will not hate you, but to answer your question you can find out a teacher does not like you by asking them why do you give me those looks or why am i getting a F in this class, because to settle this problem the easy way you just asks a simple question instead of using a harmful prank or ability

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Q: What do you do your teacher hates you?
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