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Give the dog a spoon of Salmon Oil in his/her food; also Evening Primrose Oil mixed with its food helps.

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You could also try feeding your dog a raw diet. We did it with our dogs and within a week, there coats were not only shiny, but they were healthy and fresh smelling.

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Despite this food is well known for cats, oily fish such a pilchards or mackerel has omega 3 and 6 in it and will make it's coat beautiful and shiny.

Also, you can give your dog eggs which also makes the coat shiny.

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To help give your dog a shiny coat buy salmon oil or sardine oil for dogs which you can get at most pet stores. Also some foods you might be feeding could be causing a dull coat. Make sure your food already has some type of fish oil or flax seed oil in it.

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My dad always drizzles cooking oil over the bowl of dog food and it always makes their coat shiny (our dogs compete).

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Q: What do you feed a dog to give it a shiny coat?
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What happens to a dogs coat when ill?

When a dog is ill, its coat will not be shiny and healthy looking. If a dog has skin diseases or food allergies, it could actually lose its coat in patches.

What do you feed your dog to help silken their coat?

Eukabuna (spelling?) dog food.

Is salmon OK to feed to dogs?

Yes. Salmon is actually good for a dog. It helps keep their coat healthy. It does this because salmon contains many oils hat make a dogs coat shiny and healthy, as well as reducing dry skin.

How to use dog's in a sentence?

To use the word 'dog's' in a sentence you could say 'my dog's coat is shiny and silky because I groom her on a weekly basis'.


Get some dog food. Put it in a bowl. Then give it to your dog

Can you feed your dog pistachios?

Yes you can feed a dog anything. But if I were you I wouldn't give it chocolate. Just stick to dog food.

How do you spot that your dog is unhealthy?

It is fat and can barely walk. Or walks like its in pain. And the coat might not be shiny.

Is the South African Boerboel a soft dog?

A South African Boerboel is a soft dog. His coat is soft, smooth, shiny, dense, and short.

What shouldn't you feed a dog?

Never give a dog chocolate.

What meat can you feed a dog?

I'm not quite sure what meats you CAN feed a dog, but don't give your dog chicken on the bone. The chicken bone can give your dog splinters in it's stomach and throat.

Is ham safe to feed your dog?

Never ever feed your dog ham. It'll give him the runs.

" how should I feed my dog "?

you should give your dog a bowl of water and food with vitamins

What is the best dog food for a shetland sheep dog?

orijen six fish will give your dog a beautiful coat

Is it ok to feed green pepper to your dog?

You shouldn't feed it to your dog. Green pepper, at best, will give your dog gas and possibly an upset stomach.

They're dog is a beautiful animal its coat is so soft and shiny?

Apex...haha...loser..THINK! grow a pair!

What kind of dog food promotes good health and shiny coat?

Here you go: Has lots of information that you might find helpful. Probably has what you're looking for.

ho much should i feed my dog i need help?

you give half for you dog and water

Why should a dog be cared for?

The way you are spouse to care for you dog is feed the dog ,give the dog ,and take it for a walk.

Can you give dogs chicken?

Yes you can i have a dog and i feed him it

Can you feed a dog garlic?

Yes, you can feed dogs garlic. If you don't worm your dogs with dog wormer you can give them garlic. It worms them.

Can you give your dog a bath with any soap?

yes we can give bath with any soap but dog shampoo is better for the dogs coat and skin. and it keeps the dog shining.

Should dogs only eat dog food?

yes and every once and awhile a raw egg to make their coat shiny

What is a breed of dog with a long silky coat?

Well, really any dog can have a long coat. And if there is a dog with a long coat that's not silky, give it a bath with special dog shampoo and make sure its eating nutritious dog foods that help keep their bodies strong and their coats silky. Glad i could help!

How do you feed a dog on hotel for dogs on the ds?

give it food :)

What happens if you give dog beer?

Massage and feed it marijuana

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