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you feel a lot of shaking

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You can feel a earthquake when you can feel the floor start to vibrate. You can also feel it because you feel lots of pressure coming down on you,and your body can feel that. Some people even feel a earthquake from a mile away.

Animals will certainly feel the effect of an earthquake and react to it. Whether animals "know" is a tough question to answer. They probably don't have the concept of "earthquake". But some of them might have instincts that kick in when an earthquake is taking place.

Its when a earthquake happens and then a tsunami can come with the earthquake or as a after shock after the earthquake.

When an earthquake happens the earth quakes, it shakes.

No. An earthquake can only be felt when on the ground.

It would feel not cool but scary.

There will never ever be an earthquake there.

It depends on how big the earthquake is and how close you are to the epicenter

you would only feel the earth move if it shook which only occurs if there happens to be an earthquake. Ask Carole King. She wrote a song about it called, I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet.

a earthquake happens whaen a plate moves that what happen when we had the christchurch earthquake happened.

happens after a earthquake

People first feel the ground shaking at the epicenter of an earthquake.

maybe; the more powerful the earthquake, the more likely you are to feel it.

you will feel wierd you will feel wierd

You can feel it because the waves of the earthquake are very destructive depending on the type of earthquake. The wave you might be feeling is the last wave of the earthquake which is the slowest, but the most powerful. Hope this helped! :)

the energy is stored before the earthquake in the exinstle manner of the earthquake. The exinstile manner is below the earthquake where the rumble happens.

the answer is yes. Colombia has earthquakes.... it is not a country where it happens regularly like in Chile but it happens. 1999 Earthquake kills about 1,185 in Armenia, Colombia. research Armenia's earthquake.

If there is an earthquake under an ocean, tsunami is possible.

eart crust is shift in an earthquake

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