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You find out if something is safe or not and you find out the effectiveness of something. But animal experimentation is not fool proof and sometimes all the hard work of testing is usless. I think that we should stop animal experimentation and stick with good old natural things instead of trying to find out if chemicals are safe.

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Q: What do you gain with animal experimentation?
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Is the rabbit the most commonly used animal in experimentation?

Rabbits, as well as Rats, and Mice are the most common animal experimentation victims.

A Process that use observation and experimentation to gain knowledge is?


How many animals die a day because of animal experimentation?

50 to 100 million animals die worldwide everyday because of animal experimentation.

Is animal experimentation good?

In my opinion, no. But that's just me.

How did scientists know about?

Scientists gain knowledge through research, and experimentation.

When did animal experimentation begin?

Animal experimentation has been conducted in the United States for over a century. The first bill to regulate it in any degree was introduced in 1880.

Difference between psychological test and experiment?

experimentation is the way to gain insight

A process that uses observation and experimentation to gain knowledge is?

The process that expands knowledge through observation and experimentation is none other than science itself.

What is an animal tester?

An animal tester is a person who engages in animal testing, the practice of using animals in scientific experimentation.

What has the author Kathy Snow Guillermo written?

Kathy Snow Guillermo has written: 'Monkey business' -- subject(s): Animal experimentation, Animal rights, Animal welfare, Moral and ethical aspects of Animal experimentation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

What has the author Barbara Orlans written?

Barbara Orlans has written: 'In the name of science' -- subject(s): Animal experimentation, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Animal experimentation

Is a process that uses observation and experimentation to gain knowledge about the regularities in nature?

Science. The answer is Science.

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