Donkeys and Mules

What do you get when you cross a donkey and a jackass?


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As a Jackass is a Male Donkey you would get a Donkey


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a donkey, a jackass ( cross between horse and donkey)

It could either be a mule or a jackass.

a jack is a male donkey and an ass is a donkey. so, a jackass is a male donkey.

its a jackass! its a jackass! that is what scientist like me call them

The scientific name for a donkey is: Jackass

A male donkey is called a jackass.

Donkeys are domesticated, asses are wild. A jackass is a just a male ass (wild donkey).

A jackass or jack is a male donkey. A female donkey is called a jenny, so that's probably the word you're after.

a jackass and a donkey

It actually a male donkey.

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: Jackass (TV series) jackass (male donkey)

Jackass means donkey so please chose wisely who you are saying it to

The jackass penguin (also known as the african penguin) gets its name since it sounds like a donkey hense the jackass.

The feminine noun of jackass is jenny

The Spanish word for a donkey is burro.

A cross between a donkey and a zebra.A cross between a donkey and a zebra.

Why is a Donkey slower than a Zebra because a Zebra is not a jackass and a Donkey is.

The nouns 'asno' or 'burro' may be Portuguese equivalents of 'jackass' in terms of the male donkey, and the adjective 'idiota' in terms of one's foolishness or stupidity.

A male donkey is called a jack or jackass

If you are referring to a donkey, then it is not offensive.If you are referring to a person then it is offensive.

horse mule donkey jackass elephant

Jackass and burro. Some say mule

Male donkey called Jackass and female donkey called Jillass. and actually that's where Jack and Jill come from.

The donkey. (Technically, it's a male donkey, called a "jackass," but that's a derogatory term so most people usually say "donkey.")

Both 驴 and 驴子 will work, in pinyin it's Lǘ and Lǘzi. They both mean donkey/jackass

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