What do you have to consider when selecting your shutter speed?

Shutter speed has a lot to do with your overall exposure. A higher shutter speed will decrease the light a lot. I was in best buy playing around with a camera and turned the camera shutter speed to 1/4000. After taking the photo, the preview was black. I realized it was because of how much higher I increase my shutter speed. Shutter speed also affects motion in a photo. A higher shutter speed will freeze all action in a photo a will less likely have a blur to it if you have a shaky hand. A lower shutter speed lets in more light while the shutter is will opened so the entire time that the shutter is open, the camera takes in all that light. Increasing chances of blur, you can also use this for crazy, funky effects! If your taking a picture of a waterfall with a low shutter speed, your gonna get a blur, which can typically look pretty epic sometimes too.