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Go to Culinary School of arts

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Q: What do you have to do to become a chef?
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What10 traits on how to become a successful chef?

what 10 traits on how to become sucessful chef?

How do you get a chef hat at Club Penguin?

you become a chef!!!!

How can one become a chef in Texas?

Everyone can become a professional chef in Texas by getting a diploma . The best way to become a real professional chef in Texas is going to school .

How does college help you become a chief?

Collages, will not help you to become a Chef. They will just give you the basics to become a Chef in the future.

What experiences do you need to become a chef?

Well you should probably go to school for culinary arts and then you can become a chef and you have to be 18 or older to become a chef due to the required opperation of certain equipment.

What are the minimum educational requirements to be a chef?

what is the minimum education needed to become a chef? The minimum education you need to become a chef is an associates degree in culinary arts.

Why did chef ramsay become a chef?

because he couldnt play football

What education needed to become a personal chef?

you need to have a high school degree to become a chef. it would be the best! ;]

What experiences you need to become a chef?

It depend on what type of chef you would like to become. For example, if you wanted to be a pastry chef, you would need to go to culinary school.

What kind of school do you have to go to to become a pastry chef?

it depend on what type of chef .A regular restraunt chef would have to go to chef school.

Who wins this seasons next Iron Chef?

Chef Marc Forgione has become the latest iron chef tonight.

How do you become a junior chef?

you go to college then you have a job and your a junior chef :D

How do you become a good chef?


What do you do after you become a chef?

make things

What qualities do you need to become a chef?

My guss is that you have to like it and have some passion, but other than that anyone could probely become a chef.

What high school course can help prepare to become a chef?

Saranac high school can help you become a chef and it is a better school and you would love the teacher but you better ask your mom and dad before you come to this school to become a chef

What degrees do you need to become a head chef?

You need a good cooking degree to be a huge head chef and i bet you will be a good chef

How do you become a professional chef?

to become a pro chef work at it and cooking books and express your self with cooking or you can just take cooking lessions

Do you have to take advanced classes to become a chef?

Not a bad idea if you want to make a profit as a chef.

How did Gordon ramsay become a chef?

he became de chef when he became a g-star yerd!

You are very thin Can you become a chef?

A person's success as a Chef would have no bearing on their body weight.

Do you have to go to college if you want to become a chef?

To be a well known Chef and get a good job yes!

When can you become a mange when you work for a chef?


How do you become a master chef?

get good education

How old do you have to be to become a chef?

91 91