What do you have to do to get a bell end?

Boys are normally born with Bell end (glans) still attached to the foreskin. In time the foreskin separates from the Glans and it becomes possible to gently pull back the foreskin to expose the glans (bell end). so if you see only the skin that covers your penis from base to the tip. you will need to do some foreskin stretching exercises until you can roll the foreskin all the way back and forth exposing the glans entirely. The reason that it can be seen in some children is because they have bee circumcised (mutilated by having the foreskin cut of) This practice besides being extremely painful results in reduced pleasure from sex ans masturbation, reduced pleasure for your pardner and many other associated risks even when done to an adult. but if you think you don't have one it is most likely hiding under a tight foreskin that can be loosened over a short period of time. Look up "foreskin stretching"