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Q: What do you know of Harry Wayne Casey's love life?
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How did Condoleezza Rice overcome her challenges in life?

i'm lil wayne and i know it

To know more about Harry Potters life?

one can find about harry potter's life on wikipedia or potter lexicon or on rowlings official site.

Why does Lil Wayne say the martian quote?

i don't know but it is said in my life by the game

Did Harry Potter in real life really know magic?

Harry Potter is a fictional character, he doesn't exist in real life. If you mean the actor who played him, Daniel Radcliffe then no, he didn't know magic because the type of magic in Harry Potter doesn't exist in real life.

What did Harry Potter put in his diary?

Harry Potter didn't keep a diary, that we know of. If he did he would probably have wrote about his life and his feelings.

Did dumbledore know harry would come back to life after he was killed by Voldemort?

Yes he did.

Who Rapped in the song My Life by lil Wayne?

The Game and Lil Wayne

What are Harry Styles old schools?

They where home schooled there whole life jkjk how am I suppose to know

What was harry styles rispond to his fan that told him he saved her life?

"you know what babe? You saved mine."

How was Wayne Gretzkys life as a child?

Wayne Gretzky is a really good person

Does all lil Wayne songs about his life?

about his life stories

When was High Life - Wayne Shorter album - created?

High Life - Wayne Shorter album - was created on 1995-10-17.

When was Way of Life - Lil Wayne song - created?

Way of Life - Lil Wayne song - was created on 2002-05-03.

Did Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley get married in real life?

Nope. "Ginny" got engaged to Gellert Grindelwald then divorced him.....I dont know about "Harry" though.

Has Harry Potter got a girlfriend in real life?

Harry Potter is a fictional character; there is no "Harry Potter in real life".

What is Harry Styles favorite song in 2012?

harry styles favorite song i know of is more than this by the boys or free fallin hope thats any good to ya thats all i know on harry on his songs

Does Draco Malfoy ever save Harry Potter's life?

No. Harry saved Draco's life twice and Draco's mother, Narcissa, saved Harry's life.

What is Wayne Rooney's personal life like?

He has a very rich life and a famous life.

Who is better rick Ross or Lil Wayne?

Are you kidding me? Lil' Wayne can't rap for his life.

Who is Harry Potter's girlfriend in real life?

Harry Potter doesn't exist in the real life.

When do you know if your obsessed with Harry Potter?

Like any obsession, you are obsessed when it is all you can think about. It starts to control your life.

Does Harry Potter have a son in real life?

Harry Potter does not exist in real life and so can have no real life son

What has the author Wayne L Fowler written?

Wayne L. Fowler has written: 'Recollections of life on the farm' -- subject(s): Farm life, Biography

What did actor John Wayne collect during his life?

John Wayne collected Hopi "Kachina" dolls.

Was john Wayne democrat or Republican?

John Wayne was a life long member of the Republican party.