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On poptropica Cryptids Island, the matches are used to light a lantern you get from the monastery (in the Himalayas) which eventually assists you in finding the jersey devil.

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What do you do with the matches in Cryptids in Poptropica?

with the matches eventually you'll get a lanturn need the matches and to light it when you look for the jersey devil

How do you get a light at poptropica?

matches loch ness lantern himilaya

Where do you get the pocket match on Poptropica?

There are no matches on Poptropica.

Where are the matches on Poptropica?

You can find matches on Cryptids Island, in the pub at the far right at Loch Ness. The only use for them is to light the Lantern, which you can acquire by climbing to the monastery in the Himalayas.You will need both to light your way in the woods in New Jersey.The matches are on Cryptids island in Poptropica. You have to go to Scotland (the Loch Ness Lake) and go to the left all the way and into the pub they will be on the bar.

How do matches light?

matches light because of friction.

Where is the light house on Poptropica big nate?

the light house on poptropica is on the island

How do you light the matches on poptropica island?

you need to go to the pub @ loch ness. you will see the matches on the counter. b careful to only use it at new jersy, if u don't, (like i did) u will not win the prize. dont ask me any more for crypdids because i lost the matches. good luck :)

How do you say matches in German?

matches (if two things are the same) = Übereinstimmungen matches (to light a cigarette with) = Streichhölzer / Zündhölzer

What are safety matches?

matches u need to use a special striker to light them

Why are safety matches safe?

Safety matches are not exactly safe but are "Safer" that standard matches as they will not light in unforseen situations such as in your pocket.

What do you light the matches with on cryptids island?

You USE the matches from your item bag. The matches are used to light the Lantern that you get from the monastery in the Himalayas. You need the lantern to go through the dark forest in New Jersey.

What color does light purple match with?

light purple matches orchid

Why the matches are invented?

To light things on fire.

Which colour matches with light violet?

dark violet, light pink, light blue, white

Where can you find macthes in poptropica cryptids?

Go to the Pub at the Lake where Nessie is and on the counter there are matches. (Go on the counter.)

How do you trim the bonsai in red dragon island poptropica?

You have to carefully trim the bonsai so it matches the picture.

What are matches used for?

Matches are used when there is not a lighter. People use matches to light cigarettes and grills as well as candles. Some people take them camping.

What do you do with the lobster in Poptropica?

You use it to move the light on top of the light house

What do you do with the kerosene in Poptropica?

You get the lantern and light it with the kerosene.

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