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This really needs more information in order to read between the lines. Based on what you've provided, I'd say she attends a church that only allows 'Christins' to attend, however I find that a little hard to believe. Any Christian church I know of does not prevent non-Christians from attending (after all, if I was 'perfect' I wouldn't 'need' to attend church). Perhaps she did not want to disclose the name of her church, for some odd reason, or perhaps she does not even attend a church and was avoiding your question. Doesn't make sense to me either.

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How do you use the word devout in a sentence?

Devout is an adjective meaning religious, pious, expressing devotion, or sincere. Here are example sentences: "At the age of 14, he felt called to a devout and holy life, so he resolved to become a monk." "People described her as a very devout person because she went to church every Sunday and helped with all the church activities."

What was Jane Seymours religon?

Jane Seymour was a devout Catholic, which was a reason for people who favored the English Protestant Reformation to dislike her and people who favored the old Church liked her.

What religion do Honduran people practice?

90% are devout Catholics

What god the Irish worship?

The Irish people are devout Christians.

Was Russia's Nicholas II a devout reformer and democratic of his people?


Who was excommunicated from the catholic church for his beliefs about astronomy?

Johannes Kepler, the sixteenth century German astronomer, was excommunicated, but from the Lutheran church, not the Catholic church. His offense had nothing to do with astronomy, but with the relationship between matter and 'spirit' in the doctrine of the Eucharist. Nicolaus Copernicus was a devout Catholic, a canon in his church, and, late in life, became a priest. He was never excommunicated Galileo was never imprisoned, never tortured, and never excommunicated. He was, in fact, a devout Catholic before and after his trial, a close friend of the pope, and sent at least one daughter to the convent. Answer: Galileo because many people were not ready for his ideas

Russia's Nicholas II was Devout reformer and democratic champion of his people?


Do you give a donation for a luncheon provided for funeral service attendees by the Church?

The church might tell you what the expected donation is if a funeral luncheon is provided by the parish/church community. In the case of my mother-in-law, we were told $5 per person. For 75 people, this was $350, but we rounded up to $500 since we could afford it, and my in-laws were devout parishioners.

What can Catholic people do outside of Church?

Catholic AnswerCatholics have a different concept of Church than protestants. For a Catholic the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ (see Acts 9:1-5; 1 Cor 12:12-14; Col 1:15-2:3) thus if they are devout Catholics, they do nothing "outside" of Church, as, in their baptism, they become a intimate part of the Church and cannot leave it without committing a mortal sin.

Is President Obama baptized?

A:Yes. He is a devout Christian and attends church regularly. Another Answer:At worst, people are unsure as his past is somewhat secretive. At best, in the 1990s, he is said to have been baptized by the Reverend Wright, who himself is a questionable 'christian.'

Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?

The Church provided a sense of stability, unity, and order.Roman Catholic AnswerThe Middle Ages in Europe were a time of intense Catholicism. The people were very devout and their entire lives revolved around the Church. Many young people entered religious orders and for the most part family life revolved around the local parish Church. Spiritually, the people in the Middle Ages were far advanced from the spiritual morass in whicht our world currently finds itself.

What makes a church a church?

The people are the church, not the building. Without the people, you have no church, just an empty place.

How many people that don't believe in God in the us?

Most people I'm a devout Christian but most aren't that's why we have missionaries

A devout Bahai practitioner?

Most people that practice the Baha'i Faith are devout because the Baha'i Faith has writings involving almost all aspects of Baha'i life. These writings are not strict what to or what not to dos, but rather guidelines on how to deal with things that may arise in many different situations of life; therefore, the people who practice the Baha'i Faith tend to be devout because they believe that the laws are divinely revealed.

Is religion a big part of England's people?

The Church of England and the Anglican Church and the Presbyterian Church used to be well attended. Church attendance and devotion to God has waned in the United Kingdom. Many claim they are believers but they do little with that belief to the consternation of the spiritual leaders and the Queen of England. She is a very devout and devoted born again Christian. ___ NOTE: The Queen of England is NOT a born again Christian. She is the Supreme Governor of the established Church of England, which means she is the head of the CofE. Most definitely NOT born again!

Why did Napoleon Bonaparte sign a concordat?

His fight with the Catholic Church was seen by the more devout rural French as a spiteful and mean spitited action (Which it was). By granting limited privileges to the church, he gained great friends in high places and the love of his people. It cost him nothing. He never returned the lands of the church. He offered no apology in the Name of France for the desecration of Cathedrals, theft of any religious icons or for the death and injury sustained by the clergy. For the Church it gained its status as the Church of the French. For Napoleon, it was a win-win bargain.

What do you mean by Church?

The Church is its people.

What if a lawyer thinks his client is doing something wrong?

It doesn't matter if the client killed 100 people, the lawyer still has to attempt to prove the client is innocent.

Who is the authors main audience for this sermon?

Church People, The people in his Church

Reaction of the people visiting church?

Depends entirely on the people and the church.

What is the group of people in the church?

The group of people in the church are called a congregation.

What has the author Lauretta K Murphy written?

Lauretta K. Murphy has written: 'Advising the older client or client with a disability' -- subject(s): People with disabilities, Attorney and client, Legal status, laws, Older people

What do we need monasteries for?

Monasteries are built and run as religious retreats, where devout people can go and study in peace and quiet.

What are the people in a church service called?

The people attending a church service are called a congregation.

Is it true that Most English people belonged to the Church of England a Catholic Church?

The church of England isn't a Catholic Church it's Protestant. Before Henry VIII left the catholic church most people belonged to the catholic church. After the church if England was established most people belonged to the Church of England.