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I suppose a concept is basically a rule, law or idea that is used to represent and explain something that happens. For example the concept behind a ball rolling down a hill is that gravity is actually pulling the ball to the lowest point on the ground that it can on the ground.

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Concepts of physics?


Is it true that if you are good at math you can do physics?

It really depends. If you are good at understanding the concepts of math and you think you can grasp the concepts of physics (which is not bad at all), then you will do fine in physics. Physics is like 50% math 50% concepts. This is my second year of physics (I am doing Physics with Calculus now) and it really isn't as bad as most people think.

What do you mean by absorption coefficient?

Physics is the study of such concepts of motion, force, energy, matter, heat, sound, light and the components of atoms. Physics is basic to both physical

Physics concepts used in everyday life?

Physics concepts used in everyday life are apparent in electronics such as TVs and DVD players. It is also present in vehicles that move.

What is the difference between Modern Physics and Classical Physics?

Modern physics deals with photoelectric process, quantum physics, electromagnetism, ext. whereas classical physics deals with kinematics, rotational dynamics, simple motion, gravitation, ext.. In other words: "modern" physics deals with relatively new concepts whereas "classical" physics deals with older concepts.

What two fundamental concepts are the main concerns of physics?

The study and understanding of matter and energy and their interactions.

What are the physics concepts of propeller?

The physics concepts of a propeller is that a props generate the thrust force that pulls a machine into the air. It also has aerodynamic properties that spins the propeller.?æ?æ

How do you define physics?

Physics is the study of matter and its movement through either space or time. It also studies what effects different concepts have on matter - concepts such as energy, lift, gravity, or force.

Compare pure physics from applied physics?

In short Pure physics is the theoretical knowledge of concepts of physics, while applied physics is the knowledge of techniques that help to apply this theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

What is the purpose ofthe use the simple pendulum?

Like many simplifications in physics, its purpose is to illustrate the basic physics concepts involved.

What has the author Arnold B Arons written?

Arnold B. Arons has written: 'Development of concepts of physics' -- subject(s): Physics

What is purpose of a slide?

Introduces children to concepts of height, gravity, physics, and fun.

How did Aristotle understand the concept of physics and how or why do they differ from modern physics?

One of the important concepts of modern physics which Aristotle didn't use is experimentation. While modern physics relies on experiments, Aristotle mostly philosophised.

What is classical physics?

Classical physics refers to the branch of Physics whereby energy and matter are two very different concepts. It is usually based on the theory of electromagnetic radiation and the laws of motion.

How do you solve problems of hc verma concepts of physics?

Just download the solutions from the net

What are the physics concepts behind light bulb?

EWWW . because of the gravity of the earth :D

What are the physics concepts involve in the creation of the banaue rice terraces?

ndi ko alam..

What are the physics concepts of being a forensic scientist?

As, physicist, what can i contribute to the field of forensic science?

What is the importance of studying speed and velocity?

These concepts appear all over the place, in physics.

What do you mean by physics?

As in science physics.

What is a good topic question for a physics issues investigation. Has to relate to physics concepts and have a relevant issue surrounding it. Thanks?

laser uses

Why physics is considered the basic science?

Physics is the study of matter and energy and is a branch of science directly derived from mathematics. It is considered the basic science because all the other sciences either derive from physics or use the concepts of physics.

Is it important to clear concepts of physics before opting electronic and telecommunication?

Yes. Physics is an important part of those. Of course, you won't need to thoroughly know all the areas of physics, only some of them. Also, you'll probably learn some physics concepts during your study of electronics for example; you don't necessarily need to know absolutely everything before you start.

How can the word physics be used in a sentence?

The level is appropriate for students with an understanding of some elementary physics.The physics of the course required racers to have a vehicle that could be tossed around quite a bit.She was introduced to the concepts of mechanics in her first physics class.

What are the differences between relative concepts and absolute concepts?

*Absolute: free from imperfection; complete; perfect.* Relative to be compared to something elseIf you get what i mean, like"einstein's_theory_of_relativity:" Definition for einstein's theory of relativity:relativity: (physics) the theory that space and time are relative concepts rather than absolute concepts. Relative means it can be compared to something else like this case its not unique, but to be Absolute it is unique and it has no comparison.