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Generation in computer terminology is a step in technology. It provides the all information about the growth of computer industry. The term generation was used to distinguish between varying the hardware technologies. Now a days, it has been extended to include both hardware and software that together make up a computer system.

There are five generations:-

First generation (1942-55)

Second Generation (1955-64)

Third Generation (1964-75)

Fourth Generation(1975-89)

Fifth Generation (1989-Present)


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What does RAM mean in computer terminology?

RAM in computer terminology means "random access memory."

What does roast in computer terminology mean?

It has no computer related meaning that I am aware of.

What does actionscript mean and is it connected to computer terminology?

Actionscript is connected to computer terminology. Actionscript programming is actually a language learning program. It tells the computer what to do and what information to collect.

What do you mean by computer generation?

Computer generation means data (text, pictures) generated (created, tabulated, assembled) by using a computer.

What is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

what is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

What does these letters mean RAM?

In computer terminology, RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

What does enabled mean in computer terminology?

Something is considered "enabled" if it is usable, operational, or available.

What is the difference between first and 5th generation computers?

A 1st generation computer is a 1st generation computer and a 5th generation computer is a 5th generation computer.....

List and describe the different generation of the computer family?

The first generation is the Vacuum Tube Generation. The second generation is the Transistor Generation. The third generation is the Mini-Computer Generation. The fourth generation is the Micro-Computer Generation. The fifth generation (which we are half-way into) is the Nano-Computer Generation.

The term 'word' in computer terminology refers?

The term 'word' in computer terminology refers to:

What is an example of a dialog in computer terminology?

Dialogue in computer terminology refers to any form of text that is being displayed to the user.

What is meant by generation in computer terminology?

generation is the development and the invention of a better device.many new devices were found.each new device means a new generation.in computer there are 4 main generation.the first computer was intrp duced by the father of the computer, Charles Babbage.his dream about computer became reality after 70 years of his death .the first computeris an electronic neumerical intergrator and calculator (ENIAC).this computer was built in 1943.first generation:1940-1956vacuume tubes were inventedsecond generation:1956-1963transistors were inventedthird generation:1964-1971intergerated circuit was inventedfourth generation:1971-presentmicroprocessor is used

What is the difference between cyber crime Computer crime?

Mostly a difference in terminology. They mean essentially the same.

What does ROI mean in computer terminology?

It could mean: RAM Optical Instrument Rules of Interaction (Gaming) Read Only Information

What does F1 generation mean in biology?

F1 stands for 1st Filal generation. In short this is the first generation of offspring from different parents.The terminology is often used in genetics and plant breeding to describe the first generation.In more simple terms a baby can be seen as the F1 generation of both of its parents.

What is memory in computer terminology?

Hay memory in computer terminology refers combination of rows and colums. Memory is in the form of 2*2array.

What is a sentence for terminology?

Salesmen need to know all the terminology for the business they represent.He wasn't sure about most computer terminology.

What does frame type mean in computer terminology?

the frame-type is the brand of frame on your computer...like the black(or white,ect)edge....you know what in talking about?

What DO YOU MEAN BY generation of computer?

It means that with each so-called "generation", there was a major breakthrough in computers. Terms such as "fourth generation" or "fifth generation" are not clearly defined, especially for the later generations.

What is Fast computation of computer?

Addition is the fastest calculation in the computer terminology.

What is terminology for circle in computer mouse?

Considering the wording of your question I would assume you mean computer mouse as a language and asking what circle is in the language computer mouse. Given that there is no such language I have no clue.

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