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passive and interactive computer graphics example

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Q: What do you mean by interactive and passive computer graphics. also explain how does an interactive computer graphics works?
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What is passive computer graphics?

Passive computer graphics are non interactive graphics. The use cannot control changes in images on the screen. In passive computer graphics include screen savers.

Passive computer graphics?

Its just an another name of non - interactive graphics. Actually interactive and non - interactive graphics are a classification of computer graphics on the basis of interaction of the computer graphics system towards users.

What is the classification of computer graphics?

two types 1)NON interactive CG or passive 2)interactive CG or active

Difference between interactive and passive computer graphics?

== == I need minimum 3 differences between them

What is passive graphics in brief?

What is passive graphics in brief? In Passive Computer

What is the difference beween interactive and non interactive in computer graphics?

if you mean something like a flash video - interaction requires the user (you) to input some kind of data into the computer. For example, if you are taking an on-line quiz on the computer, and are required to select True or False, then you are supplying input to the computer. This would be classified as interactive. However, something "static", like a TV show that you are watching on-line, would be classified as non-interactive. The clue is in the name. Interactive means that the user 'interacts' with the graphics by performing an action that causes the graphic to change; moving, resizing, dragging and dropping, clicking are all types of possible actions. Most ot the interactions you encounter in your browsing are developed in Flash. The graphics you refer to as passive graphics come in two flavors; animated and static. They are what they are - they do their thing and the user can't do anything to change that

What is the difference between passive and interactive information systems?

Passive Systems are those which do not allow for data to be changed, for example an encyclopedia held on CD. Interactive systems however, allow for data to be accessed and ammended by the user.we use passive in bill board or posterwe use iteractive graphics in web sites or electronics devices

Difference between passive and interactive multimedia?

Passive media does not require significant user activity or commands. Interactive multimedia in comparison is based on user control and manipulation. Interactive media includes gaming applications, where passive media can include the playback of audio files.

How does interactive technology serve educational purposes through passive interactivity?

Passive interactive page designs are thus "interactive" because the visual mapping succeeds in making the student actively aware of its importance by providing a broader context for the current lesson.

What topology is a passive topology?

Ring topology is the passive topology in computer networks

Explain with reason whether bus topology is active or passive?


Explain passive humoral immunity and give in your response?

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