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north east west south present and past earth rectruitment

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Q: What do you mean by newspaper?
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What does el periodico mean?

the newspaper

What does le quotidien mean?

Le quotidien is a phrase in French which translates to "the newspaper." It translates literally to "the daily," but it is used to mean "the newspaper."

Do DUIs make the newspaper?

It depends on the newspaper. What goes in the newspaper is up to the company. If it doesn't this does not mean nobody will know, you will still have a criminal record.

What does the word un journal mean?

A newspaper.

What does promoting newspaper mean?


What does el diario mean in spanish?

The newspaper

What does national news mean in the newspaper?

for it to be in the nation.

What does gazette mean?

A newspaper ( The Daily Gazette)

What does solus mean in a newspaper?

Solus means the advertisement on the bottom of the means to look at a paragraph and judge it, but its at the bottom.

What does el periodico mean in English?

means newspaper

What does the term 30 mean to a newspaper editor?

The end

What homograph can mean pillar or newspaper?


What is the Italian word for newspaper?

The Italian word for newspaper is "giornaliere" meaning everyday. It doesn't really mean newspaper. they call it every day because there is a new issue every day.

What does tu lees el periodico mean?

You read the newspaper

What le petit journal in English mean?

The little newspaper

What does es un periodico mean?

Translation: It's a newspaper.

What does lees el periodico mean in English?

You read the newspaper

What does it mean when a hamster eats newspaper?

It's probably not eating the newspaper, it's probably shredding it to put in its pouches to carry it elsewhere.

What does leer el periodico mean in English?

SPA: Leer el periódico ENG: Read the newspaper.

What does ABC mean in newspaper?

As we know very well that abc in newspaper means accuracy balance crebality....Written by milan khanal kismat@

What does a point mean in newspaper industry?

It means a special bit of information.

What does outhype mean?

To outhype - to outdo someone or something (such as a newspaper) in laying on the hype.

What does Usted compra el peridoco mean in spanish?

It means, "You buy the newspaper."

Advantages of newspaper?

what is the advantages of newspaper? what is the advantages of newspaper?

It appeared in the newspaper or it appeared on the newspaper?

It appeared in the newspaper