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What do you mean by slogan?

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A slogan is a phrase that is associated with a product. Commercials might help with this type of advertising when songs are used to advertise. One example of a slogan is "Beef, its what's for dinner".

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What is slogan mean to you?

a catchphrase.

What is a slogan for the word oxygen?

I'm not sure what you mean by slogan, but it is chemically know as "O2".

What is the best slogan for go green?

Dont be mean, go green. what is mean by "clean and green"? Imean a slogan for"clean and green".

What does life slogan mean?

it is something about your signal

What is a slogan for an emerald?

The mean green team.

What is the slogan for the element silver?

If you mean symbol, its Ag.

What does the slogan inspire a generation mean?

that i like pie from ethan

Can you Trademark a quote?

It is doubtful. Are you sure you don't mean a trademarking a "slogan?"

What does Nike's slogan mean?

Nike means Victory in ancient greek.

Slogan about the catalyst for global change?

geology rocks be mean and clean.

What does Lockheed Martin mean by the slogan we are Columbine?

I really dont know

Slogan of conservation of natural resources?

don't be mean go green

What is the slogan of the fete de la musique and what does it mean?

Music Festival.

What is the punchline of indigo airlines?

If by 'punchline' you mean slogan, then it is ' GO IndiGO'

What does Eisenhower's slogan 'I like Ike' mean or refer to?

It means you like Eisenhower. Eisenhower's nickname was Ike. It was a campaign slogan to get people to vote for him.

Slogan for environment?

Slogans are a quick and simple way for people to inform others of a cause. A slogan for the environment would be, 'Keep the Environment Clean, Pollution is Mean!'

What does a catchy slogan mean?

a catchy slogan means when a restaurant or a business makes a sentence that everyone finds its funny or attractive, for example: in McDonald's the catchy slogan is: ''(the little song; doo-doo, doo-doo) I'm lovin' it.''

Slogan of forest conservation?

don't be so mean,think a bit of green

What does everton fc slogan mean?

the words 'nil satis nisi optimum' mean 'Nothing but the best optimum'.

What is a website slogan?

a website sLogan is a... slogan for website!!! ( ayiep!!) hehe,,

What do you call 'slogan' in Hindi?

'Slogan' is called 'nara' in Hindi.

What is punchline of toshiba?

I believe you may mean the tagline or slogan. "Toshiba: Leading Innovation."

What does Land of Enchantment mean?

It is an advertising slogan, but in the case of New Mexico, it is quite fitting.

What franchise has the slogan got to catch em all?

You don't mean franchise as in Pokemon, do you?

In president McKinley slogan what does Maine mean?

It means a battleship that was sunk in the harbor at Havana.

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