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What do you mean by worth a darn?


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If a stocking was worth anything, it was worth mending -- which is called darning! So if you're not worth anything, you're not worth a darn.

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It means you are absolutely sure. Darn is a slang term.

Darn jungle beast. Darn wild animal.

it means darn, wretched, bloody, cursed.

It is a euphemism for the word damn.

This card is over 1,000 and could be worth 2000 if it was not for this darn economy

pretty darn effin precious

Darn means to repair a tear in fabric by knitting or sewing the edges together. It is also an old-fashioned mild swear word.

It can mean thunder storm. It can also be a mild oath, like "Heck!" or "Darn it!"

It attracts other animls as a mating call and when they come they get pretty mad so dont do it its mean animal cruelity i call darn it i say darn it

I gave $300 for mine with both barrels and the accu-chokes. It is a darn fine gun.

The word 'darn' is a verb, a noun, and an interjection. The verb to darn is to repair with interwoven stitches. The noun darn is a spot that has been repaired. The interjection darn is a word used in place of damn. Note: The noun 'darn' is a common noun which calls for a lower case 'd'.

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Yes, he says darn or darn it.

Yarn rhymes with darn. Barn, as well.

Tagalog translation of DARN: magtagpi

"Oh my!, "Oh dear!" It also may mean darn or d**n.

It's a vulgar exclamation. It means something like: "Your darn mother!"

If you mean hydrogen in elemental form, it's darn near zero.

garn- like a bobbin used in sewingYarnDarndarnyarn and farmfarmAND ...CharmAlarm :DDarn and yarn

The duration of You're Darn Tootin' is 1200.0 seconds.

If you mean originate as in directly, I'd say darn near 90%.

As a noun: clwt [klʊt] darn [darn] As a verb: clytio [ˡklətjɔ]

The translations of "darn"are as follows. To "darn" meaning to repair something would be :- "Stopfen" (a sock), or "Flicken" ( trousers or jacket etc.) As a mild curse it is "Verflixt"

"Dern" or "Durn" is just a spelling of the word "Darn" in dialect. It's not really slang.

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