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What do you need to be a Secondary school science teacher?

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master degree in science

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A science teacher in primary or secondary school requires a Bachelor degree in Education from an accredited university, usually accompanying a concurrent Bachelor degree in Science

If your science hates you, then you need to speak to a counselor or principal at your school.

In the UK: Undergraduate degree= primary school + secondary school Masters degree= college+ secondary school Doctorate=University

need a degree in education and a secondary degree to teach high school

because we dont need it only my stupid science teacher mr. olsen

It depends on what grade level. Hish school usually requires a degree in science. I am a middle science teacher, and i had to get Highly qualified in science (through PRAXIS testing and classes), and have a degree in middle school education. depends on your state! i would love to be a teacher just would love it

university degree in teaching (for secondary education) or Pädak= college for primary school teachers (for primary education)

i need this answer for my science teacher need help.please someone help by putting answer because tomorrow is school for me and i not finding anything.

You Need A*- C grades in English , Maths , Science-(optional) , And The Subject You Want To Teach. You Also Need A Diploma In Anything

You need a teaching certificate and then probably a master of education degree as well to teach at the high school and especially college level. Focus on computer science for your undergraduate so you will be competant as a teacher.

i think you need:Definitely:Maths andA Sciencethen you need to decide what profession you want like:EnglishArt/MusicHistory

you need an SSCE grade with the talent of teaching to become a primary school teacher.

to become a teacher u need to be good at maths , english ,science , geography

What kind of teacher? Grammar school? High school? University professor? Yoga teacher?

A Degree in teaching and A* in science !

they need to have been in fashion school to.

Well, firstly, it depends on what subject you want to teach if there is a specific one. If there is, then you need about a B grade in that subject. If you would just like to be a teacher of primary school than you will just need a C grade in English, Maths and Science.

No. For primary and secondary school teaching, Irish is a mandatory subject. Primary school teachers are expected to have Irish. Exceptions can be made for teachers who are not Irish and so would not have learnt Irish in school themselves. So it is possible for teachers from other countries to work in Ireland as a primary school teacher without Irish. If the teachers are Irish themselves, then they are expected to have Irish in order to teach in a primary school. For secondary schools, different teachers would have specialist subjects, so not every teacher would be teaching Irish. So they would not need to have Irish. For other levels of education, it is not an issue at all.

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of course one will absolutely need a degree .it Will give u professional confidence and joy that u can deliver not only to teach the students

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