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What do you need to be a good actor?


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if you want to be a good actor or actress you need to watch more movie to know about drama or comedy or any thing


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No, you don't need to high school drama class to be a good actor.

you need to be good at acting out different emoutions and memorizing

None, all you need is a good memorie to remember your lines

to become an actor on icarly you have to submit videos so that they can see if you are good actor. wrong actually you need to be in a showcast.

The same as a modern-day actor needs - Good memory, confidence and acting ability.

You need to be very good at acting and had to be in a acting or drama class in high school.

Certainly, he is a good actor.

You need talent to become an actor

You need a drama GCSE for a good base to get into acting. If you don't have that, then it will be harder to become an actor.

Being a good actor takes years of practice and performances. Actors typically are good at improvisation, can think quickly on their feet, memorize lines, and bring a role or character to life.

my question is which is the correct regular and irregular verbs: John has become a rather good actor or john has became a rather good actor.

You need about 4-5 years of training to become and actor or unless you were born by an actor/actress.

Jellyfish, bad actor, good actor, in between actor

John has become a rather good actor

Well there is quite a few needs for this. Child actor need to be natural born actor to do this, I have it, I think and the most important thing is they need to be good at lease 1 topic ex: Comedy, horror etc. And they cannot be embarassing when they acting something stupid for the film, like crying, naked, kissing...

when you know your a good actor is when you get lost in your character when you LOVE to act.

To become a film actor you need to possess some skill sets such as good acting skill. Good dancing skills also play a major role in this process. Good links also play an important part here.

I do. He was a really good actor. He wasn't fantastic but he was good. He did amazig as the joker.

You can't kiss Harry Potter because he does not exsist, but you can kiss the actor. If you want to kiss the actor you'll have to impress him, so good luck, your going to need it!

If an actor and director have a good working relationship, the two will be able to collaborate better. Often, a director will have one idea on how the character should be played, and the actor will have another. If the two have a good relationship, they can take suggestions from one another to see which portrayal works best, or if they need to take a different route altogether.

Yes, Van Damme is a good actor when it comes to "action hero" films. Clearly he is not a great actor, however, using the word "good" is OK.

Emma Watson is an average actor but like most successful female actors she is hot as so she is counted as a good actor

¿Es él un buen actor?

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