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What do you need to join the u.s coast guard?

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well u need to at least graduate from high school with a diploma and have

good grades in high school and try not to get in trouble

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Do you have to join the armed forces to join the coast guard?

The Coast Guard is a branch of the US Military, so yes.

Can you join the coast guard if you are a diabetic?

A person with diabetes cannot enter any branch of the US military including the Coast Guard. It is sometimes possible to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary with diabetes.

How do you join the US coast guard if you are born in Belize?

Become citizen of USA

How did US Coast Guard get its name?

They guard the coast.

My question is that do you need a GED to join the navy and if not will the navy help you in basic training?

most of the time lilly you have to have a diploma to join the us navy a ged will get you to the marines or army but not navy or air force or coast guard

Can you join the US Coast Guard if you had back surgery?

if the surgery fixed your back then I'm sure you can do what ever you want!

How do you spell costguard?

The likely term is "Coast Guard" (US Coast Guard)

What is the us coast guard motto?

The US Coast Guard motto is "Semper Paratus" or "Always Ready"

What does the rank CD-R mean in the US Coast Guard?

CDR is a Commander in the US Coast Guard.

What is the motto of the US Coast Guard. What does the US Coast Guard motto mean.?

Semper Paratus: Always Ready

What helicopter does the us coast guard use?

The Coast Guard uses a HH-60J Jayhawk

What is the US Coast Guard Academy school colors?

Royal Blue, White, and Coast Guard Orange.

Who do the us coast guard fall under?

The Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security.

Where can one find information about US coast guard jobs?

If one is wanting to find a US coast guard job, the best place to try for listings is on the US coast guard site. There are also other sites that offer these listings such as the "Military" website.

When did the US Life Saving Service become part of the US Coast Guard?

US Life Saving Service came first. It was later to become the US Coast Guard. the U.S. Coast Guard came from the joining of The Revenue Cutter Service and The Life Saving Service in 1915.

What is home to the US Coast Guard Academy?

The United States Coast Guard Academy is located in New London, CT

Is the Coast Guard a seasonal job?

No, Coast Guard duties are by no means seasonal. The CG is a full branch of the US military.

Why is the coast guard important to us?

The Coast Guard is important to us because when boaters or rafters are stuck out in the middle of no where or in distress the Coast Guard are the ones that go out an save people. While the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force are unable to do so.

What department does the US Coast Guard belong to?

us depatment of interrior

Us coast guard?

It's homeland security.

How many officers are in the US Coast Guard?


Where can you get a boating accident report?

US Coast Guard.

Where can you find US Coast Guard Station in Porsmith Virgina?

If you mean Portsmouth, VA, then the U.S. Coast Guard base is located at

What is the email address of US Coast Guard Personnel Management and Retirement Office?

Find below the link to the US Coast Guard web site. You can contact them there for assistance.

When was the US Coast Guard first sent into action in the Vietnam War?

The US Coast Guard only protects the United States, they do not go over seas to fight.