US Coast Guard

A component of the US military in charge of coastal defense, search and rescue, and certain areas of law enforcement.

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US Coast Guard
Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety risks of gold diggers?

I am assuming you mean gold MINER- since a gold digger is something else entirely-

Miners are exposed to hazards from mining and hauling equipment, electrical hazards, bad air in underground mines, fires from equipment, rock falls, using explosives, breathing dust, falls from elevations, high noise levels, strains and sprains, and working with very dangerous chemicals in the processing of gold ore.

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What is apprehension patrol?

Apprehension patrol, is patrolling in a covert or low-visibilty patrol to engage violators in selected unlawful behavior.

Salary and Pay Rates
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What does a coast guard search and rescue pay?

You can google a military pay chart. They get paid the same as everyone else in the CG, the same as everyone else in the military. There is nothing extra for search & rescue. There are different allotments that different circumstances will get you additional money. But your base salary is the same as anyone else in themilitary with the same rank, same time in service.

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What is contemporary design?

Contemporary style offers simple, soft and uncluttered look. White, creams, light blues and accents colors like red and green add warmth. Track lighting, recessed lighting look nice.


Contemporary style is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look. Individual pieces of furniture are essentials of contemporary style. The lighting fixtures are installed to highlight specific element or piece like paintings, pictures etc. Track lighting and recessed lighting are used to light a room in contemporary style.

Contemporary architects and designers used features of other styles such as gothic, romanesque ext in their designs and architecture.Contemporary interior design is the oposite of traditional. It involves clean-lines in the design of furniture, striking colors, and abstract ideas for rugs, wall colors, etc. AnswerYou can learn more about it in the article I attached in the links section. This article will give you tips on your reconstruction project.
US Coast Guard

The person responsible for the daily operations for a security company is the?

Pretty sure its B. Manager. if you are talking about the tdps security test

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Is the 'Interstate 10' coast-to-coast highway in the US Open?

I have traveld I 10 from Jacksonville thru New Orleans with no problems.AnswerThe last I traveled it from Houston to Lake Charles, yes it was definitly open. This was last month.

I-10 is always open .. more or less. There is always construction somewhere. You can check online to see if there are closures in the states through which you will be traveling;

Yes, it is always open

Citizenship and Marriage
US Coast Guard

If someone came to the US illegally is there a way for him to become legal?

His only recourse due to the stricter immigration laws is to try the compassionate route. It used to be fairly simple to receive asylum under the reasoning that your life would be jeopardized by being deported back to your native country. Then one could apply for citizenship. Illegal aliens are fair game, since 9/11. Detention and deportation are at the highest levels they have ever been since WWII. You really need to contact an immigration attorney and find out what your options/chances are.

This information is not correct. You can apply for a green card even if you entered the country illegally. It even states that on the US Government Immigration Website. people enter the US illegally frequently and apply for political asylum.

They can also be gain residency by being sponsored by a relative who is a US citizen or green card holder.


>>>>> YES!!! Apply for Asylum or marry a US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Or try to apply for amnesty(which by the way is extremely hard to get since 911, but why not, if it is your last option).

Asylum is only granted for certain countries and you must prove the case either way. Asylum should only be genuinely claimed. Asylum cases are usually handled more agressively and quickly, if the case fails then it will prejudice any future entry-your passport will be stamped and your data saved in USCIS files.

It is very difficult for an illegal alien to get US Permament Residence. The best thing to do is to leave the US and re-enter the country legally with the correct papers. This makes it easier if you wish to marry a US citizen and gain Permament Residence.

Basically, any illegal entrant who applies for adjustment rings alarm bells at USCIS and makes it very difficult to pass through. The only cases where USCIS have accepted adjustment is for minors. Each case is different.

Also lawyers are not permitted to enter any case status meeting-it is taken under oath. You are allowed to have an interpreter but they cannot advise you. Usually USCIS will have someone in the interview to verify translation only is taking place without your prior knowledge, but the interview is only in English or sign language.

US Coast Guard

What would rescued survivors of a shipwreck look like?

Titanic scene:

lips are blue, they are shivering, screaming about their loved ones that couldn't get away in time, crying over their loved ones that COULD get away in time, babies crying, etc.

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How many AFL Premiership Cups have the West Coast Eagles won?

= Answer == Three - 1992, 1994 and 2006

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How many hours separate the East Coast and the west coast?

3 hours The time zones in the US are: Eastern (12 noon) Central (11 am) Mountain (10 am) Pacific (9 am)

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What does a point guard do?

There are a few different types of point guards that play the game. However, all point guards should be able to bring the ball up the court, be the leader of the team, call out plays when needed, and be able to make assists. The different types of point guards range from Allen Iverson type guards who look for their shot more to Steve Nash type point guards who are pass first point guards to Jason Kidd type point guards who are the "do everything" point guard to the Magic Johnson point guards who are taller for their position.

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Can you get a job as a security guard if you have no driver's license?

Security Guard Jobs Without a Driver's LicenseNo, you will have a hard time getting a security guard job if you have no driver's license.

While you may still have means of getting to work, virtually ANY kind of law enforcement-related duty will almost ALWAYS require you to possess this simple credential.

The reason for this is they expect for you to be able to accept assignments involving use of a motor vehicle such as post checks or response of burglary alarms.

Furthermore, employers today who see applicants over 21 submitting applications accompanied by state IDs or permits will most likely form a (poorly thought out) negative conclusion that the candidate probably has too many personal problems to be taken on.

Call it discrimination, but it's reality.

this is not true to a certan extent you can become a security guard w/o a drivers license i know this because im curently a security guard w/o one but you will need one if you wish to advance to a higher position such as a patrol guard.

Citizenship and Marriage
US Coast Guard

If someone came to the US illegally can he become a legal resident or will he be deported?

Yes, if he came illegally, then he will be deported, since he is a criminal and will retain that criminal record forever.

Every country in the whole world does this for its own protection, because he was violating their national laws and borders when he went there illegally, without applying and identifying himself through normal government channels.

Your best bet is to go to HIS country of I.D. and nationality, with him, and marry THERE, if that is what you want. After that, you are both on record in perfectly legal form.

.To the person who was too busy calling people criminals to check their facts, that is not helpful to anyone. If you think that coming here illegally and then getting married will auto Most people who are reading these answers are in this situation or a similar one, and have much greater knowledge about the topic than to simply dismiss illegal immigrants as criminals who will certainly be deported. There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country who are NOT being deported. The legalities of this are very vague and complicated, and people who are trying to understand the details are deterred and discouraged by thoughtless and untrue answers.

How do u get he is a criminal? he didnt do ant crimes and alot of Mexican come to us illegal so y deported if someone has ben here for over 10 years and hadsnt gotten into any trouble here im sorry but i don't understand that at all lots of Mexican come illegal and still get legal after they have been here and havent been deportee back how much do u know about the ins stuff?

The answer to your question is yes, he can. There are new protocols from back when I made my husbands papers, but it is possible. The first thing that you have to do is be legally married, whether in his country or yours. The second thing is provide documentation of your marriage and cohabitation. The best way to go about this is to go to the immigration and ask for the forms and fill them out. If you have trouble with the forms then call an immigration attorney.

Because of the more rigorous enforcement of immigration laws, the majority of illegal immigrants who are apprehended will be subject to deportation.

Marriage to a US citizen no longer enables the citizen spouse to apply for permanent residency for a spouse who entered the US illegally.

In addition to the stronger enforcement of federal immigration laws, the majority of states are establishing laws that will only allow US citizens to marry foreign nationals if the foreign national has legal documentation, including a Social Security number.

In the last few months many major metropolitan areas and even small communities have enacted laws that make landlords and other persons as well as employers subject to severe penalties for not reporting illegal immigrants.

Regardless of moral opinions the US govenment is extremely serious about enacting stronger immigration laws and enforcing the ones that now exist.

Foreign nationals who are unlawfully present will be deported to their country of origin with the exception of those who qualify under asylee or refugee status.

US Coast Guard
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Which is the latest helicopter to be inducted at the Coast Guard Air Station by Coast Guard?


US Coast Guard
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Does Phillips academy have a mascot?

The unofficial mascot is Gunga the Gorilla.

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What is duty of security guard in UAE?

The duty of security guard in UAE is similar to any security job in any country. If the job is specific then they commonly include secure a place/installation/organisation from any external threats,infiltration,danger to the establishments.They may include verification of people & assets that pass through the security check. It may also include vigilance.

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Why is kindness important?

Should people be kind to each other? It depends on what you mean by "kind". Most of us confuse being kind with being nice. Many people are nice, but they aren't kind. "Nice" is when you are polite to someone in person, but you may criticize them behind their back. "Kind" is when you treat people with respect and compassion regardless of who they are and what they do. Kindness includes empathy and care. Kindness is not something you give to people who deserve it. Kindness is a mindset that you choose and develop. You either express it or you don't. Being kind to another person is a statement about you, not about them

US Coast Guard

Is it hard to get in the coast guard?

No its actually really simple basic is hard but other then that not hard

Salary and Pay Rates
US Coast Guard

How much money does a security guard earn?

6 billion dollars
A security guard at the mall in Tacoma, WA makes 32K per year.

AnswerA security guard at the mall in Tacoma, WA makes 32K per year.
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What island was destroyed during World War 1 that initiated the Marine Safety and Captain of the Port authorities for the Coast Guard?

Black Tom Island

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The Difference Between

Is there a different in color guard an flag line?

Depends on where you are. If the color guard only spins flags, then the terms are interchangeable. Where the line is drawn is when weapons are added - then it is definitely a color guard.

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Who were the LET passers last August 2001?

Jonel Perodes

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Is Ben Randall the coast guard rescue swimmer dead?

The character Ben Randall from the 2006 movie the guardian was not based on a real person.

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Why are nubulae important?

because they are the birthplace of stars like our sun

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Can a felon join the coast guard?

The U.S. Army/Marines allow people with felony charges into the service; however, these cannot exceed past a minor offense, a serious offense (murder, rape, etc…) are disqualifiers for the waiver. I don't believe the Coast Guard allows this though, sorry.


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