Philippines Jobs and Education

Jobs, like call center agents under the Business Process Outsourcing industry, are the leading jobs in the Philippines. Education plays a vital role in landing a job, considering that most companies prefer educated workers.

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Philippines Jobs and Education
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Is Infiniteam Enterprise legal?

Infiniteam Enterprises does not have any information regarding the company on the internet.

Beware of a company which is not able to adhere the correct standards.

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Philippines Jobs and Education

Who are the passers of napolcom exams 2011?

list of passers in napolcom exam,,

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Philippines Jobs and Education

Po1 exam result May 30 2010?

Mchael Ray Vercida

Philippines Jobs and Education
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Deped als passers in batangas city?


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Philippines Jobs and Education

What form of government does the philippines have?


Salary and Pay Rates
Philippines Jobs and Education
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How much is a salary grade 4 Philippines?


1 - 5,082

2 - 5,540

3 - 6,039

4 - 6,522

5 - 7,043

6 - 7,606

7 - 8,139

8 - 8,709

9 - 9,318

10 - 9,939

11 - 10,535

12 - 11,167

13 - 11,837

14 - 12,548

15 - 13,300

16 - 14,098

17 - 14,944

18 - 15,841

19 - 16,792

20 - 17,799

21 - 18,510

22 - 19,251

23 - 20,020

24 - 20,823

25 - 21,655

26 - 22,521

27 - 23,422

28 - 24,359

29 - 25,333

30 - 28,875

31 - 40,425

32 - 46,200

33 - 57,750 (President's salary)

Basic Pay yan, Step 1 pa lang, not included yung Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), Representation and Transportation Allowance (RATA), Personal Economic Relief Allowance (PERA), and Additional Compensation Allowance (ACA).

Tinaasan na yata ni PGMA ng 10% yung basic wage. im not sure.

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Philippines Jobs and Education
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List of passers of napolcom exam result october 2007?

siega alexander gopio

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Philippines Jobs and Education

List of private school in mandaluyong city?

St . Therese Private School (STEPS)

San Felipe Neri Parochianal School

Don Bosco Tecnical College

Montessori Condo

Philippines Jobs and Education
Philippines Colleges and Universities

Can a school succeed without a clear vision?


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Philippines Jobs and Education

List of passers napolcom exam on May 31 2009?

Contact the school, college or institution that set the exam.

Philippines Politics and Society
Philippines Jobs and Education

What are some common problems of a Barangay in the Philippines?

Poverty, cleanliness, population, locality misuse of funds are some common problems.

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Philippines Jobs and Education

What is the easiest folk dance in the Philippines?

pandanggo sa ilaw

Salary and Pay Rates
Philippines Jobs and Education

How much is salary grade 11 in Philippine government?

Hi. If you are asking about how much is a government official or employee's salary under salary grade (SG) 11, that ranges from 10,535.00 to 12,522.00... i've read it from the net and that this pay range took effect on 2001 pa. i ain't sure if this has been revised. try to read a latest revised edition of the Labor code of the Philippines book. you might find it there.

Philippines Jobs and Education
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What are the Top 10 in demand courses in the Philippines?

The top 10 in demand courses in the Philippines are:

1st - Culinary Arts - This had twice the demand of the second place subject. Interest was split fairly evenly between cuisine and baking/pastry

2nd - Business - This includes seven majors but excludes Accounting

3rd - Accounting - Close behind business. If you add Accounting to Business it almost equals the numbers for Culinary Arts.

4th - Engineering - All disciplines including the most popular (Computer Eng), which is not a licensed subject.

5th - IT - And if we add Software Eng. this would be more popular than Engineering.

6th - Nursing - a far cry from its No. 1 status 3 years ago.

7th - Psychology - Always a favorite (like business) for those who don't really know what to do!

8th - Graphic Design - Hardly surprising but took a long time to get there.

9th - Digital Arts - Definitely a sign of things to come.

10th - Hotel & Restaurant Management - Just squeezing in with 3.15% of inquiries.

Philippines Jobs and Education

Where can you find the results of the NAPOLCOM exams held in May 2009?

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) conducts two sets of police exams twice a year: one for those who are already in the police service; and another for those aspiring to enter the Philippine National Police (PNP).

In 2009, two exams have been held so far: the first on May 30, 2009 (for those already in the police service); and the second on May 31, 2009 (for aspirants).

The results of the two NAPOLCOM exams held on May 30, 2009 and May 31, 2009 have been uploaded and can be viewed on Napolcom's offical website. Please refer to the Related Link provided below.

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Philippines Jobs and Education

What are the advantages in having k plus 12?

the Philippine education system can become more competitive among other countries countries around the world. Though there are still some problems that the government needs to solve before they can successfully implement the plan. The proposed program is good but it still won't work if the needed elements to make it work isn't present.

Such elements includes the addressed problems mentioned above, especially the number of public school classrooms plus the adequate supply of classroom chairs, books, etc. If the government could allot a bigger budget to educational needs, then we could be one-step ahead towards the success of the K-12 program.

Furthermore, parents (especially those who belongs in the poor sector) should be properly informed and motivated of the advantages of the K-12 Education Plan. This is very important since parents plays a major role in providing the child's school allowances, supplies, and fees for other school projects and activities. Add to that the support of parents towards their children in terms of guidance and teaching.

Once this succeeds, it is best hoped that Filipino students would be more literate, skilled, and competitive to be able to find jobs more easily and contribute to the country's pride as well as the country's economy.

Philippines Jobs and Education

When will the registration for napolcom entrance exam 2011?

october 23,2011

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Philippines Jobs and Education
Philippines Law and Legal Issues

What a different of the words Philippine and Philippines?

Philippine is the type of person and Philippines is the place.

Philippines Jobs and Education

When is the last filing date for napolcom entrance exam for 2012?

April 28

Job Training and Career Qualifications
Philippines Jobs and Education

What schools in the Philippines offer an embalming course?

The Pacific Center for Advanced Studies, a school based in Cebu and later on launching their Manila operations is one of the Accredited schools by the DOH. The school uses modern and USA-based embalming techniques that prepare the students for a world class embalming knowledge. contact them at 0918.433.4695

Philippines Jobs and Education
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Why do pure monopolies advertise?

For one, their may be somewhat close substitutes. Microsoft may still advertise because there is the threat of Mac OS, Unix, etc. Major League Baseball faces threats from other sports and non-pro ball.

Monopolists still need to inform their customers of new products or services, as well as maintain their brand image.


Philippines Jobs and Education
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Napolcom exam result on May 30 2010?


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Philippines Jobs and Education

Example of Investment company in the Philippines?

Citibank where Citicorp Financial Services & Insurance Brokerage Phils. is its brokerage arm that trades bonds, fixed-income treasury notes, US treasuries mutual funds and unit investment trust funds. You may step in to any of the 6 branches of Citibank, N.A. located in (1)Madrigal Business Park, Alabang (2) Paseo de Roxas, Makati (3)Eastwood City,Libis (4)Greenhills (5)Binondo (6)Cebu and talk to a personal banker or an investment consultant have your risk profile to measure your risk appetite, time horizon, knowledge and experience to know which investment suites you best or have a gold conversation with any of the Citigold Relationship Managers.

Philippines Jobs and Education

Is the implementation of k12 the answer of worsening Philippine education?

The K to 12 plan of the Department of Education in the Philippines contains several elements so in its evaluation, each element must be addressed:

(1) Kindergarten: There is ample evidence supporting early childhood learning so this is a good part of the proposed plan. For this to be successful, adequate support both from national and local levels of government is necessary. The way it has been implemented so far leaves a lot to be desired. Kindergarted should be afforded well trained teachers as well as adequate facilities. The answer here is "yes".

(2) Mother Tongue Instruction in the first two grades: The instruction of the mother tongue is helpful as it allows the young pupils to become more comfortable in their second new home, the school. The use of the mother tongue as medium of instruction, like any factor in the learning process, depends on its efficiency. The efficiency, on the other hand, depends on the competence of the teachers. The most effective medium of instruction is the medium a teacher feels most comfortable teaching the subject. This is from the perspective of the instructor. On the other hand, the learner must be comfortable with the medium that is employed as well. The best scenario, of course, is when the two match. With these in mind, it may be suggested that a "one size fits all" approach is not advisable but a "case to case" basis must be employed. So, the answer here is "maybe".

(3) A spiral curriculum to teach math and the sciences: A spiral curriculum looks at the disciplines of math and sciences in an integrated fashion. This works well especially in the early years, where a cursory treatment of these subjects is made and the basic fundamentals are covered. However, in later stages, a spiral curriculum does not agree well with the fact that each discipline has a vertical structure of concepts and skills. In later stages, a spiral curriculum will be more demanding of the teachers, as each teacher now needs to have considerable competence and mastery in multiple branches of math and sciences. The answer here is "yes" in elementary, but "no" in high school.

(4) No formal subject of science in the first two grades: Science can be introduced to children at an early age. Children are naturally inquisitive at their age. Science education in the early years also do not require expensive laboratories or equipment so early education in science is very affordable. To throw away this opportunity is a big loss. The answer here is "no"

(5) Two years will be added to the end of high school. The problems the Philippine education are currently facing involve high dropout rates and poor performance in standardized tests. The educational system in its current 10-year program is failing. And it is failing at the early grades: dropout rates are already high by the end of elementary schooling and the standardized tests are given to grade IV and 2nd year high school students. Clearly, the problems lie in th early part of the Philippines basic education. Two years added at the end do not address these problems. The problems come from high pupil:teacher ratios in classrooms, multiple shifts in schools, lack of materials, and poor salaries of teachers. Diokno noted that to arrest the deteriorating Philippine education system, the budget of DepEd must be doubled. This estimate is reasonable as most of DepEd's budget involves salaries, and to decrease the pupil:teacher ratio from 70:1 down to 35:1, for example, involves doubling the teachers. The additional two years in the current K to 12 plan will require a minimum of 20% increase in the DepEd's operating budget. It therefore becomes a question of priorities. Without addressing the current problems and creating new demand for resources will only make matters worse. So the answer here is "no".

Philippines Jobs and Education

What was the result of the NAPOLCOM exam conducted last 31 May 2009?

The names of successful examinees who took the NAPOLCOM exam last 31 May 2009 are posted in the NAPOLCOM website. Please refer to the Related Link below.


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