What do you need to mix to get Iron bars in runescape?


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Iron and coal.


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here is how you make no-member bars up to gold: To make Bronze bars, smelt copper and tin ores together. To make Blurite bars, smelt a blurite ore. To make Iron bars, smelt an iron ore. (50% chance of success) To make Silver bars, smelt a silver ore. To make Steel bars, smelt two 2 coal ores and one iron ore together. To make Gold bars, smelt a gold ore. To get a 100% success rate with iron smelting purchase a ring of forging from the grand exchange, northern Varrock. This saves a lot of time and effort and quickly pays for itself.

You need to mix with a kind of carbon.

When you mix copper and iron you will get Bronze

Well, if we mix iron sulfur mixture and hydrochlonic acid, only the iron reacts.

You use one dye on the other.

No you cannot, orange dye is already a mix of red and yellow.

When you mix iron and chlorine, the product is the compound iron III chloride, which has the formula FeCl3. Another name for this compound is ferric chloride.

You get iron nitrate and hydrogen gas.

Mix Yellow and Red Dyes together.

if its a mixture of copper ii sulfate and water first if you mix it with iron you will get a green liquid

Iron bromides (FeBr2, FeBr3) are obtained.

i think you mix milk, an egg, and wheat

The Mix in the Eastside Marketplace is nice.

Any reaction, iron filling settle.

Oxy-fuel welding and cutting process results in oxides that mix with the molten iron.

"Ferrous" simply mean something iron-like, or containing iron. An alloy is a mix of usually two metals. Take iron, mix in a trace of this and that and you'll have a ferrous alloy.

iron in the core,the mantle is a mix of magnesium, silicon, iron, and oxygen.

You get a mixture of iron filings and salt water.

Iron and oxygen combine chemically to form iron oxide, also known as rust.

you would just add chocolate bars to make hot chocolate that are made to mix with hot chacolate

You mix red and yellow dye. If that is your question you can buy an orange at the Grand Exchange

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