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What do you need to survive?

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Here are four main things you will need;

  • Food (Energy and water)
  • Shelter
  • Cloth(depends where you are)
  • The will to keep going
But for more long term survival you should also have warmth, and without certain vitamins, you won't survive long.
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What do forests need to survive?

they need trees to survive.

What do jaguars need to survive?

jaguars need their teeth to survive

What does dolphin eat and need to survive?

it need oxygento survive

What do pukeko s need to survive?

what does pukeko need to survive

Do people need sunlight to survive?

no they do not need sunlight to survive

What did animals do to survive?

They basically do what humans do to survive. Like humans need to eat to survive and we also need to sleep to survive.

How much land does a Panda need to survive?

What type of habitat does the panda need to survive What type of habitat does the panda need to survive

What does a wood turtle need in order to survive?

what does a turtle need to survive?

What does bacteria need to survive?

They need air, food and water to survive.

Do carnivores need plants to survive?

No.They need animals to survive.

What food does microbes need to survive?

Microbes need a food to survive

Does bacteria need water to survive?

Most bacteria does not need water to survive.

How do gorillas need to survive?

Gorillas need food,water,and shelter to survive.

What does the flying squirrel need to survive?

every thing U NEED TO SURVIVE

Do cells need water to survive?

YES!!! Cells DO need water to survive!

Why do rattlesnakes need water to survive?

All animals need water to survive.

Do wasps need food to survive?

All animals need food to survive.

What do birds need to survive?

What do Kiwi birds need to survive

What does Archaebacteria need to survive?

Most archaebacteria need to have air and water to survive. Some archaebacteria don't need air only sunlight to survive.

What do consumers need to survive?

Consumers need producers to survive

What do sloths need to survive?

Sloths need leaves and water to survive. They need to be in a very warm climate to survive because there body temperatures are very low.

Do plants need minerals to survive?

not all plants need minerals to survive but some do.

What do bacteria need to survive?

Bacteria need food, warmth, oxygen and moisture to survive.

What do mice need to survive?

things mice need to survive: food water shelter

What do plant cells need to survive?

they need oxygen , energy , minerals , and water to survive