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It is impossible to survive on the planet Neptune. This planet is very far away from the sun and therefore is very cold and not habitable.

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What do humans need to survive on Neptune?

You can not survive on neptune for the fact that it is made up of gas and raging seas.

How do can you survive Neptune?

you cant survive on neptune

Would a human survive Neptune?

No 1 can survive on neptune

What are somethings people need to survive on Neptune?

Nothing. Unless you want to finish writing your will first. No life can survive on Neptune. See the related question below to find out why.

Can animals survive on Neptune?

No, Neptune is a gas planet and no animals could survive there.

Can sugar survive on Neptune?

yes bacause sugar when made into grains is powde and poder doesnt need anything to survive

What would you need to live on Neptune?

To live and survive on planet Neptune, you would require a number of things. First, you would obviously need a spaceship. You would need food, water and oxygen. There are many other things you would need, however Neptune is not a terrestrial planet, it is made of gas. Its tempuratures are extremley cold. This makes it impossible to survive on.

Why is it difficult to survive on Neptune?

Neptune has no food water or O2

Can you survive for 2 days on Neptune?

Humans are unable to live on Neptune. The planet lacks the natural resources use humans need to survive. It is also far too cold and is mostly made of gases. So...No.

Why can't you breathe on Neptune?

The atmosphere of Neptune is composed hydrogen, helium, and methane. We need to breathe oxygen to survive. It is also very cold on Neptune. You would probably freeze to death before you could asphyxiate.

Can a person live on Neptune?

no, it is physically impossible for a human to be able to survive on Neptune

Could humans survive in Neptune?

yes humans could live on Neptune. No they cant Neptune is a gas planet

Has an astronaut ever traveled to Neptune?

No. Humans would not survive on Neptune. See the related question.

How old would you be in Neptune if im 13?

You'd be about 2,145 years on Neptune (if you could survive there)

Could humans live on on Neptune?

no they could not survive

Why could a human not survive on Neptune?

No human will ever be to survive because it is a gas planet and it is freezing.

How to survive on Neptune?

U would die why dont u go and go to neptune and find out your selfs!gosh

How can you survive on Neptune?

First of all, by the time you got to Neptune you would be dead. Second, there is no food, water, or oxygen!

What would you need to survive on Neptune since it has no surface?

It's imposible to live on it because of all of it's storms, winds, and it's gravity.

Why would it be difficult for a person to survive on mercuryand neptune?

why would it be difficult for a peron to survive on mercury andneptune

Has anyone gone to Neptune?

You wouldn't survive on the planet of Neptune. Its a gas planet, ! Made up of frozen methane, hydrogen, water and sillicad.

Could a human survive on the planet Neptune?

No. It is impossible for anything to survive on Neptune for the following reasons:Neptune is freezing. Too freezing to support lifeThere is very little sunlight, which means plants can't grow. No plants means no breathable air or foodNeptune is a gas giant. Meaning it has no solid surface. If anything stands on Neptune, it will sink into the planet and be incinerated by the molten ammonia coreNeptune is very stormy. Life would be blown off into spaceThe gasses on Neptune are considered poisonous to life

Why couldn't a person live on Neptune?

Neptune is a gas giant, meaning it's made of gas and has no solid land. Additionally, Neptune is extremely cold, far to cold for any life to survive.

Answers to math superstars Neptune?

Dude i need Neptune V// XP

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