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Tanoby Ruins is the main location for catching Unown in Pokemon LeafGreen. To get the Unown to appear in the ruins you need to complete the Tanoby Key puzzle.

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Q: What do you o in tabony ruins in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where do you catch unknown o on FireRed?

you can catch unown in the tabony ruins on 7 island after you acess the tabony key on 6 island and to get there you must beat four and give a ruby that you will find in one island unknown O is in the liptoo chamber

How do you get umbreon in Pokemon Ranger s o a?

In the croma ruins, where you can get Probopass.

What directions do you use to get to the middle of the abyssal ruins in pokemon black?

d o w n

Can you find the regis in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Uh-huh! I think you have to trade it from your Ruby Sapphire or Emerald game :o

What starter Pokemon in leafgreen has the most attack?

Torterra 348 atack :) Infernape 337 atack :p Empoleon 298 :o

How do you find the basement in LeafGreen?

you get a map :o

How do you get a Charizard on Pokemon diamond?

To get Charizard without cheating, You can transfer him from LeafGreen/FireRed version, if you don't have thise you can get Charizard by trading with other poeple. +o|

How do you get moltrace in Pokemon LeafGreen?

its M-O-L-T-R-E-S... and you get it atop a mountain on either sevvi island 1, 2, or 3

How do you get by the sleeping Pokemon in LeafGreen?

I'm guessing that sleeping Pokemon is Snorlax :) All you gotta do is get the PokeFlute from that bridge by Lavender Town and go up to the Snorlax and play it :) He'll be all O:< And wake up. hope that helped :) --Taylor

In Pokemon who is master?

your rivel or in ruby its may. after you beat the Pokemon leag its YOU . . ( .) ( .) O O

Will Profoak give you the Mystic Ticket if you spell mystic with the unknown Pokemon?

yes i have tried it, but it did not work. it may be a miscaculation in if ethier the c unknown was a o. but i will try again. u get a unknow in the seven island at the ruins/.

What is the importance of discovering the ruins in san lorenzo and la venta?

i don't know either :( :o :(

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