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There are various ways to handle this, but one thing you don't need to do is to enclose the thought in quotation marks. You could write the thought in italics.

Example: He considered the situation. If I try to make a break for it, the dog will bite me.

You could also write the thoughts without italics, as long as it's clear to the reader that someone is thinking. Sometimes a writer might insert that information in parentheses.

Example: He considered the situation. If I try to make a break for it (he thought), the dog will bite me.

The important thing is to make sure the reader is never confused.

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You can use italics or single quotation marks to indicate a character's thoughts, without the need for tags like "she thought" or "he wondered". This keeps the flow of the story smooth and immersive for the reader. Be sure to make a clear distinction between spoken dialogue and internal thoughts.

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Most of the time you see thoughts written in italics.

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Q: What do you put in a story when someone is thinking?
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