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What do you put on a horse before the saddle?


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Always before the saddle comes the saddle pad, which is different than the saddle blanket. Whether you ride western or english* style a clean, dry pad comes between the saddle and the horse's back. A good fitting saddle and pad greatly reduce wear or rub spots that can occur during normal riding. There are many different kinds of pads and I recommend getting the best one you can afford. It will last longer and may protect better than a cheaper pad. Remember after your ride if the pad is damp with sweat to turn it over to dry and air out before your next ride.

Sometimes people confuse the purpose of a pad v. blanket. The pad is thick and offers buffer for the horse, where saddle blankets are fine but only over the pad. The blanket is more for looks than protection. Blankets are usually only seen with western saddles. Blankets are a staple for the western rider who shows their horse.

If you don't show a simple inexpensive blanket that can be machine washed is a good idea.

*The exception to this rule is saddle seat riders. It is common that saddle seat riders do not use any kind of pad under the saddle. I think this has to do with a closer contact with the rider's seat and legs to the horse's back and sides.


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Yes if the saddle has the correct fit for your horse you can put any kind of saddle on any kind of horse.

a saddle is something you put on a horse.

Same way you put on an English saddle. Pick up the saddle and gently place it over the horse's withers. Always put on a saddle pad before you put on the saddle. If you don't, it rubs on your horse's back and leaves marks.

You put it on their withers, on top of the saddle pad

Another horse, or a saddle.

jump in the saddle means put a saddle on a horse and get on as simple as that!

NO! tye your horse up, then Put it on a saddle stand.

You put the saddle on first. You don't put the bridle on first because then your horse wouldn't be able to be tied up to put the saddle on.

press on the horse with a right click then you can put on armor and saddle on a horse

Once you have a saddle from the shop, go to the horse you want to put it on and scroll down the page to equipment. Then go to the dropdown and choose your saddle.

Well, it depends. Has it been broken in and is confident with a saddle on its back or has it never had a saddle on its back? Because if it is inexperienced with a saddle I doubt it will let you, but every horse is different.

when your horse is 6,7,8,or 9 you put on the saddle, bridle, and saddle blanket, and when you go outside you will be on your horse. (the bridle is not the halter.)

this site tells you exactly how or.... carry your saddle over to your horse put the numnah or saddle pad on the horses back put saddle on the saddle pad move the saddle forward until the girth is just behind the front legs tighten the girth on both sides pull dwn the stirups and get on and ride. lol. :)

on the back between the mane and the withers

Go to your saddlery. You click on *give saddle* or *give bridle* and chose which one of the saddles/ bridles to put on your horse...... Or if you've done that it puts it on automatically before you ride/ train/do a competition.

a saddlethe suitable word is "saddle"saddle

No you dont have to use a saddle when mounting a horse, but if you plan to ride in a saddle then it is allot easyer to put it on first. If your horse is quite tall then you will probably need to use a mounting block or fence etc to get on.

It means to brush down your horse, and put the saddle and bridle on.

A saddle horse is a horse which has been specifically trained for riding.

Good question! The order you place things on your horse is this: Saddle Blanket Saddle Girth Bridle Remember never to put the bridle on first or take it off last, because if the horse chomps at the bit for a long time, it can cause painful toothaches, stress on the teeth, and irritation of the mouth and gums.

No, you do not have to loosen the girth before mounting a horse.

Go to the harness room and select a saddle by clicking on it. Put it in the inventory and click on the horse. Click on the saddle in the inventory and when your mouse turns into the saddle, click the horses back. If there's no saddle in the harness room, go buy one at the shop. It won't go on unless you have a saddle blanket under it. Hope this helps. :)

A saddle safety runner is when a horse rider gets on the saddle. When the horse runs it holds you on the horse.

Horse about $60.00 Saddle about $40.00

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